Wanted Bayko No.1: Film Review- An unusual love story!

A man who is searching for true love. How many times have we seen a movie based on this? Sadly, this movie is no different. The movie opens with a song which looks something right out of a B-grade film. The son of a local ‘Bhai’, Dinkar is looking for his soul-mate but has no luck doing so. When he finally finds a girl who likes him back(Neha), problems arise! Superstitions and blind beliefs create a situation which separate Neha and Dinkar. 
The film is a light hearted comedy with a few punches every now and then. The writer tried to make things interesting by adding characters and the element of confusion. Unfortunately, the actors didn’t really deliver well. Unconvincing acting, an unclear script and a rather bland ending sums up the movie. If you have to take any positives from the movie, it has to be the comic timing of our lonely boy, Dinkar. The flick also addresses an issue every marriage faces, trust issues. The director has to be given credit for giving every character a clear introduction which was very important otherwise it would have lead to even more unwanted confusions. 
This flick has tried its best to be a Bollywood flick, considering the inclusions of item numbers to the story line. A better star cast, a little maturity from the makers and the exclusion of the opening song would actually make this movie a good Bollywood film. 
Why should you watch this film?
If you have nothing to do and want to have a nice laugh, this movie would be a decent choice. If your partner has trust issues or the oldies in your house have blind faith and that annoys you, take them along for this movie and give them a reality check.  

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