With Ganesh Chaturthi, the festive season has begun. Everyone is in high spirits to welcome Lord Ganesha into their lives. With that, people are also excited to try out all the scrumptious food and modaks (steamed sweet dumplings) that get prepared during this festival. These steamed dumplings are a perfect comfort food. If you aren’t too careful, you might just end up eating a dozen. But this time you don’t have to worry about gaining some extra pounds as we have got something in store for you. We bring you 6 most unique and low-calorie modak recipes that will help you stay in shape without compromising on the taste. So, scroll down to know more about these modak recipes. 

Urad Dal Modak 
The core ingredients of this modak are urad dal paste, semolina, and wheat flour. Roast and combine these ingredients with a little bit of mawa, ground sunflower seeds, Sugar Free, and cardamom to add some flavor and crunch. After it's combined well, you can start shaping them.
Urad Dal Modak
Moong Dal Modak
You have had the moong dal halwa, now try the moong dal modak! To make the modak filling, you need to combine and roast granulated moong dal with a little bit of coconut shavings, cardamom, and Sugar Free. Once cooked, wrap the mixture up in the rice flour dough and steam it. 

moongdal modak
Ragi Modak
Ragi is one of the healthiest cereals. For making this extremely healthy modak, all you need to do is cook ragi flour thoroughly and add ground peanuts, cardamom, Sugar Free and milk to combine. Once done, let the mixture cool and start shaping them. 
ragi modak
Oats and Chocolate Modak
This modak is inspired from all the energy bars. It tastes best when had cold. To make the stuffing, all you need to do is mix oats, nuts, and honey together. To make the shell, coat the modak mould with chocolate and let it set in the freezer until it gets firm. Once done, add your mixture and let it set for some more time.
chocolate and oats modak
Fresh Fruits Modak
These yummy modaks are easy to make and can be made with all kinds of fruits. To make them, all you need to do is chop your favorite fruits into tiny cubes and then wrap them up with the rice flour dough. Once the outer coating is cooked, you can either have them hot or cold.
fruit filled modaks
Date and Dry Fruits Modak
The combination of dates and nuts is absolutely healthy. You can either steam these modaks or go for the no-cook option; the mixture remains the same. To make this modak you need to mix your favorite dry fruits with the date paste. After this stage you can go for the no-cook option by freezing it into the moulds or steam them after wrapping them with rice flour dough.
dates and nuts
Try these recipes out and tell us which ones you liked the most. If you have some healthy ideas, don’t forget to share them with us! 

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