If you have old shirts or T-shirts, please do not be in a hurry to part with them. We suggest you give them a full-blown transformation so that they do not have to be ordinary-looking. Not sure how to do it? We could show you how! No, you do not need too many things. Most of these awesome hacks require basic supplies – a pair of scissors, chalk, some thread, a needle and in one case a sewing machine. So, ladies, get ready to give your boring shirts and T-shirts a transformation!

Here are some DIY ideas to make your shirts look edgy:

The Twist
To make this, all need is a tee, a pair of scissors, some jersey fabric and a sewing machine.

Remove the back panel of the T-shirt by cutting it as evenly as possible. Folding the edges of the tee towards the inside, stitch it up using a sewing machine. After creating the new hem, take the jersey fabric, twist it and sew the twisted strips in place.
The Twist - BookMyShow

Note: To get even twists and help place the pieces evenly, use a measuring tape.

The Butterfly
First, take a wide sleeveless shirt that is not very long. Cut the shoulder and side seams of one of the sides. Twist the shirt so the right sides meet. Pinning the seams together, sew them.
The Butterfly - BookMyShow

Open Shoulder
Choose a shirt that has a seam running down the shoulder. Next, unpick the seam that is close to the collar using scissors or a needle making sure you don’t cut away any fabric. When you know you have unpicked enough, you need to stop. You could re-seam the front and back panels separately. Use the original seam holes as a guide on where to sew.
Open Shoulder - BookMyShow

Take a pair of scissors and cut the arms of the T-shirt on both sides. On the front, cut a deep V.

On the back of the shirt, cut to the top of the shirt. Twisting the long straps, cross them over and tie them in the back.
Halter - BookMyShow

Take a sleeveless T-shirt, flipping it to the back, turn it inside-out. Taking a piece of chalk, draw a line along the centre. Now draw half hearts on either side of the line. Using a pair of scissors, make a small snip on the side and cut along. Stop just before the line in the centre. Once you have cut all the way to bottom, make sure to pull each section.
Heart - BookMyShow

Take a shirt, cut off the sleeves transforming it into a muscle tee. Once complete, flip it inside out. Using a piece of chalk draw two lines around the centre of the back curving them on either side. Take a pair of scissors cut along the curves. Flip the shirt. Take golden wire. Folding it in half twice, wrap it along the back until completely utilized.
Open Back - BookMyShow

The Wrap
Before you begin, determine how short you want your top to be. Use your scissors to cut the back of the top. Now starting at the middle of the top, cut vertically.

Wrap the top around yourself and tie the straps behind.
Wrap - BookMyShow

Front Knot
Transform your shirt into a muscle T-shirt by cutting off the sleeves. Now to make it a crop top, cut on either side leaving 4-5 inches in the middle. Next, make a cut going up the middle and then a diagonal one. Flipping the shirt, slide a piece of paper in between the layers. Now cut away the triangles on the back.
Front Knot - BookMyShow

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