We all have something that we’re passionate about. Whether it’s a band, a TV show or a movie series, it’s easy to get carried away by an obsession. But it’s safe to say that some fanbases take things a little too far… From camping outside celebrities’ houses to sending death threats to their significant others, we’ve all read the horror stories.


Thankfully, most fans are much more tame than that, and restrict themselves to coining hilarious fanbase names. While we’ve all heard of the ‘Beliebers‘ battling it out with the ‘Directioners‘, they’re far from the only groups with their own names. Don’t believe us? Here are 7 strange names that’ll crack you up:

Artists: The Wanted

Everyone loves having a tight-knit community that is passionate about the same thing as them. The Wanted‘s fan base went out of their way to make every fan feel like they belong by naming themselves the ‘Fanmily‘. Though we’re not too keen on the name, it’s certainly better than what singer Tom Parker had in mind – ‘Prisoners‘. Yikes!

Artist: Mariah Carey

Some of us are guilty of idolizing stars to the point where they seem like God. But Mariah Carey‘s very dedicated fans have taken it one step further by calling themselves ‘Lambs‘, as in ‘Lambs of God’. Though we do agree that some of the notes she hits are downright divine, we’re still not sure how we feel about the name.

Artist: Miley Cyrus

Born as Destiny Hope Cyrus, everyone’s favorite controversial popstar got the name Miley because she was such a happy and smiley child. It seems fitting that her fans took this bit of information and decided to run with it, going so far as to call themselves ‘Smilers‘!

The Hive
Artist: Beyonce

Who runs the world? Queen Bee Bey! So it’s only fair that her followers would form The Hive. But the names of their leaders are far from the only thing the two groups have in common. Say anything less than positive about Beyonce and a swarm from The Hive will attack you!

Artist: Ed Sheeran

There was initially some debate about what Ed Sheeran‘s fans should be called. While some preferred ‘Sheeranators‘, others chose to be known as ‘Sheerios‘. But Ed decided to settle the matter himself, when he tweeted "i get asked all the time what my fans call themselves. i approve of sheerios, i like that one". We’re glad that’s cleared up, although we are craving Cheerios now!

Artist: Austin Mahone

Don’t you wish you could be homies with your favorite singer? Maybe if you were as proactive as Austin Mahone‘s fans, you could’ve been. They named themselves ‘Mahomies‘, a term that spread like wildfire. In fact, the singer has since started referring to them by that name, and has also gone so far as to name his merchandise website the same!

Rihanna Navy
Artist: Rihanna

Remember when Rihanna played a Naval officer in Battleship? Yeah, neither do we. But maybe that’s why we’re not on the Navy. Ever since her appearance in the 2012 film, her fans have started calling themselves ‘Rihanna’s Navy‘, even launching countless fan sites with the name.

These are just a few of the funniest fan bases around. Do you belong to one, too?


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