As a woman, you would be surprised by how much your nails say about you. Whether you're a nail nudist or are the type who is constantly on the hunt for the latest nail art trends, you will have to admit that we all do appreciate a good manicure, even if it is just once in a while.

No matter what nail polish or nail art you wear, each manicure says something different about your personality. Since we have already discussed about what your choice of nail paint says about you, let us figure out what your favorite nail art says about you.

Delicate flowers
You do not like to spew negativity on social media, or elsewhere. Living positive is totally your thing!

Wasting time recounting others' misfortunes is not something you'd do. You prefer creating something beautiful, instead.

Your work space can get a little cluttered at times, but never dirty.
Delicate Flowers - BookMyShow

Friends and family often rely on you to be punctual and prepared, any any given time.

You only go shopping when you have something specific to buy, since you find the task of browsing through clothes, tedious.

Your home is color coordinated and organized because you avoid clutter.
Geometric - BookMyShow

Adorable animals
You are not just an animal lover but a compassionate human being, in general. Standing up for family and friends is something you would do in a heartbeat.

Chances are your home is on the messy side, but that is only because you find it rather difficult to get rid of your belongings.

Since you're so sentimental, you are usually the first person to cry.
Animal - BookMyShow

Polka dots
Despite loving classic movies, you will try something new if a trusted friend recommends it.

You are fun-loving and only see the best in people.
Polka Dots - BookMyShow

Mysterious – that is what you are. You may be friendly, but people around do not know much about your personal life.

You prefer spending on experiences than material possessions.
Ombre - BookMyShow

Besides being a firm believer that everything that needs to be done should be done right in the first time, you are highly organized and land up making lists for everything.

Sometime, you wish you had more fine art in your house, but do not believe in spending too much money on decor.
Stripes - BookMyShow

Reverse French tips
No risk, no reward” is your motto. You tend to take risks with everything. From your hair to your hobbies to your career.

You are a morning person…not! Night owl. That is what you are.
Reverse French - BookMyShow

What does your choice of nail art say about you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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