Why Celebs Share Post-Workout Selfies

Post-workout selfies have now become a thing! And no, they are NOT exactly what you expect them to be. There are no sweaty T-shirts or harrowed faces or sunken eyes. Instead what we see in such a selfie is a happy, healthy human..err… celeb! From Sonakshi Sinha (the insta queen) to Shahid Kapoor (the selfie master), every actor is giving us a glimpse of their post-workout hot body and chiseled derrière! Of course, we aren’t complaining- but aren’t you wondering why so many celebs are posting these pictures? We’ve come up with 5 reasons that explain why they love sharing these selfies.  

1. To show off The Glow
Move over pregnancy- the post-workout glow is clearly the best glow you can ever show off. 
2. To show off their Balance
If you can stay upright on a ball while practising blowing out your birthday candles, you HAVE TO brag about it. You just have to. It’s a fairly unique skill set, and deserves credit.


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3. To let fans Worship the toned body
A sexy, curvi-licious bod has to be bragged about. Especially when it’s Sonakshi Sinha’s! 
4. To show how health-freaky & insane they are.
When you’re sleep-deprived and still putting 2 long hours into a hard-core workout, why wouldn’t you want to swank online? Hello! 
5. To show off their workout buddies
If there’s one thing fans love more than a personal photo of their favorite celebrity, it is a photo of that celebrity with two others! And after all, isn’t it all about loving your fans? 
Which is your favourite post-workout celeb pic? Care to share? Comment below and let us know! 

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