Why KWK Season 5 Episode 1 was just Meh! How about some change, KJo?

Last night saw the much awaited premiere of Koffee With Karan Season 5. And just like every KWK fan, we changed into our comfy PJs waiting for the clock to strike 9. As we all know, there were a lot of rumors doing the rounds this season about the first guests on the show. Our expectations were set high when it was announced that the charismatic SRK and the cutie Alia would be gracing the first episode. With SRK giving his bestie Karan’s show a miss last season, we are sure the audience were guessing the opening episode to be bang on. But well, as much as we hate to say this, we were quite disappointed with it.

The show started with KJo building up the excitement of the audience as he talked of how this season he would be "dabbling into all the new controversies" surrounding the Bollywood celebs and how this season will be different than the rest of the seasons.

Why KWK Season 5 Episode 1 was just Meh! How about some change, KJo?- BookMyShowWhen he called in his first guests of the season, we were anxiously looking forward to all that the show has to offer and the witty and controversial statements that would be breaking the internet for the next few days.

Why KWK Season 5 Episode 1 was just Meh! How about some change, KJo?- BookMyShowBut much to our dismay, KJo had nothing new to offer in this first episode. He asked Alia about her past and current relationships (and we didn’t get to hear anything that we didn’t know already) and asked ‘SR’, as Alia likes to address Shah Rukh, where he stands in his career.

He then made them play a game that he admitted to have picked up from the Ellen DeGeneres Show (whatever happened to novelty and creativity, Karan?). The guests were thrown an acting challenge, wherein SRK had to read out a washing machine manual with a Shakespearean twang and Alia was asked to read out a philosophical script as a moody teenager.

Why KWK Season 5 Episode 1 was just Meh! How about some change, KJo?- BookMyShowThe Rapid Fire round and the quiz about fashion brands were the most boring and repetitive segments of the show with the buzzers (which weren’t even working properly, meh). It felt like we were watching the past seasons all over again. While SRK walked away with the iconic ‘coffee hamper’ for the fourth time, we felt that the questions were all the same from the previous seasons. At this point, we almost felt like the show was turning out to be dull and drab.

The only one thing new we heard in this episode was the word, ‘demotional’ which SRK defined to be apt for the current generation. (DEMOTIONAL = Detached and yet enjoying life)

Why KWK Season 5 Episode 1 was just Meh! How about some change, KJo?-BookMyShowAll we can say is that the first episode definitely did not stand upto our expectations and it clearly lacked lustre and originality.

Why KWK Season 5 Episode 1 was just Meh! How about some change, KJo? - BookMyShowWith the next episode featuring Twinkle and Akshay, who we have rarely seen giving interviews together, we hope there is something fresh and new that KJo has to offer. If not that, we have our fingers crossed that Mrs. Funnybones tickles our funny bone with her blunt and upfront attitude.

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