Sporting a beard is one of the key aspects of your appearance and personality. No matter what razor companies tell you, your beard defines you. It’s a powerful sign of your masculinity and we are sure (pretty much) girls like guys who don a beard, albeit a well-maintained, healthy beard. Growing that facial hair may seem like an impossible task for a few while maintaining it might feel like a mammoth task for others. On this auspicious occasion of World Beard Day we have compiled an article specially for those who are struggling at either growing or maintaining or both.  So gents, take some notes.

Let the growth begin
Your beard is made of hair which is in turn made of keratin. It’s a type of protein that is essential for a natural growth. The first step is as simple as maintaining your diet (should be protein rich), sufficient intake of water (around 3-4 litres a day) and vitamins like B6, C and E. You will grow a beard if you prepare your body for it. A word of caution though, you may also look like an oversized bear as it could result in increased nail and body hair growth.
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Never back down
Once that you have decided to grow a beard, stick with it. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. After a few days, you may go through a phase commonly known as the itching phase. You may feel tempted to use that razor but don't back down. If it helps, stick a poster of your favourite celebrity who dons a beard and worship him every day.
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Keep it wet
Beards have known to grow better when kept moist with water. Moisten the area at least once a day. You can also use coconut oil, which is completely natural, has the required nutrients and smells nice.
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Do some ‘manly’ exercises
Studies indicate, exercises such as cardio, squats, lunges, push-ups help develop good blood circulation to get a sufficient supply of nutrients to the hair and skin, invaluable for growing a beard. So peeps exercise to cultivate your masculinity.
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Now that you have grown a beard, it’s time you maintain it.

Invest in beard oil and trimmer
Invest in a good beard oil. This is essential since beard oil contains Jojoba extract, which is the closest things that comes to the oil your skin produces. It helps reduce the itch and moisturizes your beard without leaving a pungent smell.
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For a great-looking beard, you’ll also have to give it a regular trim. When buying a trimmer, look for one with a variety of different cutting lengths, and a detachable safety guard to keep the hair surrounding your lips tidy. Make sure your hair is 100% dry before trimming. This is because hair expands when wet, making it look longer. If you trim a wet beard, you may find yourself cutting off more than you wanted.beard trimmer - Bookmyshow
Sleep plenty
Hair grows best when you’re at rest; your body use up nutrients in your diet to promote cell division at the root of each hair strand, pushing the hair that has already formed outwards. Therefore one of the best beard growth tips is to get a decent, good night's sleep, and you should see quicker growth plus healthier facial hair.
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Now that you have that magnificent beard, flaunt it all the way.

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