Good cinema has proved time and again that regardless of the subject matter a good film will move you even if it’s about something as unreal as Zombies. In World War Z, director Marc Forster follows suit. The film is an adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel of the same name.


There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t miss this flick. The film is scary as hell but minus any cheap thrills. The screenplay written by Matthew Michael Carnahan is well crafted and has absolutely no loop holes except for a few minor ones. One of them being Segen’s capability to scale a 20 foot ladder in 3 seconds flat. (Segen is an Israeli female soldier who gets assigned to protect Gerry Lane) The film drops into the world when it’s facing a major crisis. It stars Brad Pitt playing a ex-UN investigator called Gerry Lane who has to make a decision to save his family or battle a world wide epidemic. He plays the accidental hero in this one. Once this outbreak begins there are only a few days until the end of humanity. 

All of nature’s disasters that seem so unfathomable are made simple by a statement in the film that still has an impression on me. It goes like this, "Mother Nature is a serial killer, no one’s better." (watch the film for the complete dialogue) The film also shows the repercussions of herd mentality. It shows how slowly we react to oncoming terror or threat, not because it’s our fault but because that’s how human nature is. The Zombies in the film are given enough quality screen presence(a few even given the spotlight). In a particular sequence, when Lane tries to creep past a crowd of Zombies on a military base, his cover is blown when his wife Karen (Mireille Enos) unexpectedly rings his phone. This scene is more funny than scary cause it reminded me of how wives/girlfriends call in at wrong times and get upset over their respective partners not answering the phone.

Getting back to the Zombies…watching the undead creatures unleash themselves upon living human hosts is like watching an alarmingly scary domino effect taking place.  Also the undead in this film nimble on their feet than they’ve ever been. The film makes real the feeling of being locked in a suffocating space where the only choice a man has to choose between the death he wishes for himself, as death is not a possibility but a certainity. Also the pain of having to kill the one you love, your family is shown. Companionship and the role it plays in life through trying times is shown between the bond that Pitt and Segen share with each other. 

The film is the story of mankind’s fight to save itself. Just before the end credits roll, Brad Pitt in a rather preachy tone says, ‘If you can fight, fight. Help each other, be prepared for anything.’ 

All things considered the pace of the film is rigorous and the the characters and the mystery heavy.

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1 Comment

  1. Elvis

    June 22, 2013 at 11:03 pm

    What a joke of a movie and a very biased review!

    Brad Pitt’s choice of acting this movie shows how he probably never understood the fact that people usually come to see a movie die to star power and I amongst many have hence been betrayed!

    Story was weak and huge plot holes, like they never explained how they became zombies, talking about how someone in India found it and all…
    Only CGI does not make a movie and this is something the directors of World war Z, Man of steel and Iron Man 3 should learn!!!

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