Would Bollywood Characters Survive in the Bigg Boss House?

It’s that time of the year again. The time when we unleash our inner voyeur. The time when someone else’s misery becomes our primary source of entertainment.

Yes, you guessed it. Bigg Boss is back with a bang! We’re ready to watch the drama, the fights and everything else that’s in store for us. But how different would things be if the housemates were iconic Bollywood characters? Would they manage to survive in the Bigg Boss house, or would the pressure get the better of them? We took it upon ourselves to figure out how they would fare in the Bigg Boss House, so look no further.

Silk Smitha – The Dirty Picture

This bold character, portrayed by Vidya Balan, knows what it takes to survive in the Bigg Boss house. Her mantra, "Entertainment. Entertainment. Entertainment.", sums up everything viewers want to see on TV. Though her over-the-top antics could tick other contestants off, it’s safe to say that the audience would keep her in the running.

Thakur – Sholay

If there’s one participant who would get by through sympathy votes, it’s Thakur. After all, no one would want to evict a participant whose arms had been cut off by the man who killed his family. But if you think this is accidental, you’re mistaken. Thakur might have been hurt, but he’s no victim. 

Chatur Ramalingam – 3 Idiots

Bigg Boss is no fun if there isn’t at least one character who doesn’t speak in Hindi! Chatur Ramalingam would be an unintentional laugh riot, but he might not be a hit with his housemates. No one wants to smell the "Silencer"!

Sanjay Singhania – Ghajini

Every contestant has a strategy for their stint in the Bigg Boss house, but what if you couldn’t remember your own strategy… Or the people that you’re living with? Sanjay would be in for a shock every time he looked around him. And tattooing or writing his strategy down wouldn’t be much help if he still can’t remember the people!

Rahul Mehra – Darr

No matter where you go, there’s always that one creep that follows women around and gets incredibly obsessed. What if you had to live with them all day and all night? We hope, for their sake, that the women in the Bigg Boss house don’t appeal to Rahul. Things could get ugly really fast!

Kunal Chopra – Dostana

Kunal would be the token gay character for the season. But what people don’t know is that it’s all a lie. However, it’s not easy keeping secrets when cameras are watching you every minute. And the backlash would be unfathomable! We can’t imagine that other participants or viewers would be too fond of him once they found out the truth.

Geet  – Jab We Met

It’s always fun spending time with a bubbly, talkative person… Except when you have to spend all your time with them. Though Geet would start off as the affable girl-next-door that everyone loves, we give it a week until her incessant chatter starts to annoy all the housemates! And can you blame them?

Radhe – Wanted

What’s Bigg Boss without a mysterious contestant? No fun at all! Enter Radhe, and we have that one character who might be good, or he might be awful. But he would treat female viewers to some much-needed eye candy, which is always good! What’s better? He would never double-cross someone, kyunki ek baar jo usne commitment kar di, phir woh apne baap ki bhi nahi sunta!

Durga Singh – Karan Arjun

Every season has that one participant. The one who’s famous (or in this case, iconic) by association. Durga Singh would probably be the catatonic lady who kept mumbling "Mere Karan Arjun aayenge". Though this could be entertaining, we wouldn’t be surprised if it led to some nasty bullying. On the plus side, the sympathy votes might just lead Durga to victory!

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