Wrecker: Film Review – A Killer Road Trip

Verdict: This road trip will leave you petrified

Road thrillers are a genre that beg for more. There is something special about spooky, empty highways and a roadtrip that never seems to end, which creates an atmosphere of its own. Such films undoubtedly start off slow and viewers may come across ‘speedbreakers’ through the movie but remember they are only there to build up the tempo for the grand finale.

Another addition to this genre is Micheal Bafaro’s Wrecker. The film is quite evidently based on and one may even call it a rip off of Steven Spielberg’s 1971 classic, Duel but the similarities remain uncredited by the makers of Wrecker.

Two twenty-something best friends, Lesley (Andrea Whitburn) and Emily (Anna Hutchison) are on their way to Southern California where a wild party full of drugs, alcohol and hot single men awaits them. The seemingly fun ride turns into a horrid nightmare when they move to take the ominously named shortcut “The Devil’s Pass” and soon a tow truck driver begins to chase them. Why, you ask? Because he had nothing better to do, it seems.

Anna and Andrea’s chemistry as best friends is endearing and believable. Their concern for each other despite the differences in their personalities has been portrayed very well by Hutchison and Whitburn. Even halfway through the film when the two separate to survive, we find ourselves hoping that they will unite in the end.

The music adds a lot to the movie; sinister when it needs to be, sad and slow whenever necessary. The film’s low budget is apparent, thanks to the poor night shots but the POV and close up shots taken from inside the Mustang make up for it.

The story isn’t the most original one and has a few loopholes too but one will happily wave them away when the action begins. Hope springs up like a child throughout the film for the protagonists but the truck driver runs over them all one after the other.

In the end one can safely say that it is a film that will leave your equilibrium upset next time you go for a drive on a lonely highway. However, there is always room for improvement and let’s say that it could have been scarier had they replaced the driver of the Wrecker truck with an Uber car driver!

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

The scenic outdoor views, a few scenes that will make you jump in your seat, to relive the thrill and scare of Duel; watch Wrecker for all of these reasons.

By Hiral Parekh

Release Date: Nov 6th, 2015
Language: English
Director: Michael Bafaro
Genre: Action, Horror, Thriller
Cast & Crew: Anna Hutchinson, Andrea Whitburn, Jennifer Koenig, Michael Dickson
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