Review: Zila Ghaziabad is a political action-thriller film which is inevitably out of place, both in its content and narrative. The film focuses on the rivalry of two dons belonging to the Ghaziabad district (Uttar Pradesh) and a cop who resorts to tactfully effective but legally wrong methods to resolve the gang war between them thereby restoring peace in the extreme political climate caused mainly due to this battle.

Initially, the film shows Fauji (played by Arshad Warsi) as the local goon of the city who robs and kills people for his personal gain. On other hand, there is Satbeer (played by Vivek Oberoi), a law-abiding educated citizen with dreams of bringing prosperity and development to his native city. As the film progresses, the story unfolds through complicated events leading up to a situation where Satbeer chooses a wrong path and becomes a criminal (a cliché in Bollywood). Then there is a cop, Pritam Singh (played by Sanjay Dutt), who is portrayed as Robin Hood (even Robin Hood would have been surprised if he would have met him) and an ultimate force of nature who applies his power and strategy to bring peace to the city. This can be considered as the overall plot of the film. This is a story which could have evolved into a much better entertaining masala film, given the history of convention and prototype of Bollywood masala entertainment, but clearly falls short of actually being it. Sadly, even the major aspects of the film fail to deliver. It seems that the writer and director started out with a noble intention but couldn’t make it through the integrity of the creative process which can be majorly attributed to their lack of craftsmanship. It is so apparently ironical that a film which promises to be a fictionalized account of a real time period starts with a dance number much like Dabanng
Moreover, a story told through elementary creative and technical choices such as zany camera work inconsistent editing and an intrusive soundtrack leads to confusion hence reducing the effect and the overall purpose of the movie (if at all it exists). Although, there are two or three moments when one feels that the movie will gain momentum, but even that possibility soon fizzles out. Adding to this, the constant shuffling of the tone between melodramatic and supposedly realistic approach at best represents a flawed paradox. On the whole, the acting is average, constituting of only few moments of impactful performances, it is a film one can certainly opt out of. Nonetheless, the film will resonate with the people of rural North India who form the major target audience of this film. One special note: there is an outstanding sequence where Fauji (Arshad Warsi) keeps dancing while his henchmen continuously fire bullets at Chairman (played by Paresh Rawal). I hoped there would have been more scenes like this in the movie but on a summarizing note here is a flick which initially had a purpose and then lost its way.
Verdict: Only intention is not enough, one needs craftsmanship too.
Movie Details
Release Date: Feb 22, 2013
Director: Anand Kumar
Genre: Social, Thriller
Run time: 2 hrs 25 mins
Language: Hindi
Cast & Crew: Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, Vivek Oberoi, Minissha Lamba

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  1. tushar

    February 22, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    nice review…

  2. ankit shankar

    February 23, 2013 at 11:36 pm

    Sharp and crisp!

  3. shagufta

    February 24, 2013 at 10:57 pm

    great review..liked the way you have detailed all the aspects of the movie….nicely written

  4. Devendra Surolia

    March 17, 2013 at 8:03 pm

    Well written. You have put across your views while keeping the viewers’ opinion in perspective too.

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