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Adventure Games - The Hidden Hour (Hyderabad)

Adventure Games - The Hidden Hour (Hyderabad)

Escape Games | English

The Hidden Hour: Hyderabad | 1600 Onwards
  • Pay for minimum 2 players and balance payment can be made at the venue. In each game, 2-10 players can play together. Games will be exclusively blocked for your team.
  • After booking, Please Call The Hidden Hour at 8384071326 to select the game and confirm your booking.

The Hidden Hour is India's top-rated escape room game. It is ranked No. 1 attraction on Trip Advisor in the fun and games category.  It's a thrilling and entertainment destination where teams end up being locked in a room for 60 minutes under mysterious circumstances.

The objective is to accomplish the mission by finding hidden objects, answering riddles and solving puzzles by connecting the missing links. Be it gamers or enthusiasts, family, friends, schoolmates, students, corporate, colleagues or any other, playing at The Hidden Hour is a fun, thrilling and a worthy experience.

They have 4 thrilling and adventurous missions:

1. Hijacked NCR Metro - Bomb Diffusal:

 Five armed men hijack a metro train and planted a bomb inside that is going to explode in next 60 minutes. You are a member of the Special Task Force and have been selected for this operation to diffuse the bomb. Remember the clock is ticking! 60.. 59.. 58.

2. Magic Show - A Treasure Hunt:

 The city's famous magical show runs in the old building that houses the most valuable hidden treasure in the world. You are one of the treasure hunters looking to capture the masterpiece. Explore... Escape... Make your mark in history!

3. The Haunted Hostel - Enter If You Dare:

 This is the infamous hostel known for paranormal activities. One of the students committed suicide in the hostel three years back and something strange goes on in that room. One night unluckily you are locked inside the hostel. There are 60 minutes to discover what happened and make your escape. Can you unravel its dark secret before it consumes you!!!

4. Lost In An Island - The Adventurous Escape

You are a group of explorers who are on their voyage to discover an unknown island. On landing, you find that the island has a lush green forest full of mysteries. Suddenly the volcano erupts and it starts destroying the island. You have to board the ship before the volcanic lava melts you. Rush & escape before it's too late.

Weekdays (Excluding Public Holidays):

2 players (800/person)

3 players (700/person)

4 or more players (600/person)

Weekends (Sat/Sun) & Public Holidays:

2 players (1000/person)

3 players (900/person)

4 or more players (800/person)

*There is no charge for children below 5 years 

*For children between 5-8 yrs age group, Rs. 300 will be charged on weekdays and Rs. 400 on weekends & public holidays. They must be accompanied by minimum 2 adults, A valid Id card has to be shown to avail the discounted ticket price.


  • Open to all.
  • In case your age is less than 8 years, then you must be accompanied by minimum 2 adults.
  • Tickets once booked cannot be refunded.
  • We recommend that you reach venue at least 15 minutes prior to the timings.
  • Final confirmation of the game will happen only by contacting The Hidden Hour.