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Comedy Open Mic at The Habitat

Comedy Open Mic at The Habitat

Comedy | English, Hindi | Age 16+

The Habitat: Mumbai | 150

EVERY TUESDAY, 7:00 PM onwards.

Prior payment obligatory.

Can you really tickle the funny bone? Grab the mic, unveil your comedic talents and increase your chances of getting featured in a show. All you have to do is get a friend along with you.

We await your performance. Humour-us.

To register for performing, you must bring a friend 12 spots are available for registrations. 5 are reserved for female performers.

You MUST make the payments for yourself and your plus one of Rs. 150 (full cover) per person t register.

Every slot is 4 mins only. Light will be flashed at 3.30 to indicate and mic will be cut off at 4 mins.

Kindly be present at the venue by 6:30 PM to confirm your online registration.

5 spots available at the venue without +1 . 

First come first serve basis, as wait-list, if people who have purchased confirm on the day of the open mic that they are not showing up.

Guidelines for Open Mics at The Habitat

  • We expect every performer to read and follow these guidelines. If any of these rules are not followed it will result in a period of suspension from performing at this room and any associated stage. If a performer has repeatedly caused issues or extreme problems it could result in a permanent suspension.

  • If you are trying to work here professionally you will prove yourself at the current time limit. Then move gradually, probably one minute at a time, up to 7 minutes. Then we would offer you the chance to do a guest set on a night with professional performers. That is how you would move up the ladder here. Asking will not make it happen. Having excellent, strong, performances will make it happen and you will know if your performances are going in that direction because we will offer you more time.

  • Arrive at the time slot mentioned for when performers must reach, viz. Usually 30 minutes before the event starts. If you are late you risk losing your slot.

  • If you do not show up for a confirmed slot and did not call in to let us know you were not going to make it you will not be able to sign up again for three months. You must inform at least one week in advance from the date of the show so that relevant changes can be made.

  • Improper behaviour whether or not under influence of any intoxication will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave the room immediately.

  • You must approach the host for the evening and introduce yourself to know the order of your slot in the open mic/curated show.

  • You may not request to go up in the order of the show. Either take the spot you are given or don't do the set. In case of an emergency we will consider your request.

  • If you have an introduction more than just your name it must be submitted before the show to the host. Your introduction needs to be short and to the point.

  • Open Mic performers are not allowed in the Green Room without permission from the Curator. The Curator is the only one who can give you permission, not any other artist. If an artist asks you to come to the Green room you tell them you have to get permission first. During the evening you are expected to follow the rules of the room. These rules are posted outside the room and on our website.

  • Do respect the stage and the performers.

  • Your time slot begins from when you step onto the stage.

  • There is a set of lights directly facing you, opposite the stage, and the same will be switched on when there is 1 minute left of your time. At the end of this minute, the light will flash on and off multiple times signalling the end of your time.

  • You should have your set timed so that you don't need the light to be flashed. That is a step in the right direction towards being professional. But, when the light flashes you need to stop your set at that moment and say something along the lines of, "That's my time, Thank You!" When you come off stage, if you are staying in the room, go to your seat and enjoy the rest of the show. Do not go to a group of friends or other open mic performers and start talking about your set while in the room. If you need to talk you need to go outside the room.

  • If any of your guests break a rule they risk no admittance or being asked to leave. Generally patrons are given a polite first warning if breaking a Rule, after the first warning if the problem continues they will be asked to leave.

  • Guests are expected to be quiet and respectful during the performance.

  • We are very serious about the professional quality of our room. We have a reputation for treating everyone here, be it guests or entertainers at any level, with kindness and respect. We expect you to do the same. That is all we ask. We want to give you the best opportunity to do well. Just be ready, respect the art of performing, and have a good time.


  • You want a place to practice your set, respect the place, its people and most importantly, it’s stage. Don’t treat any of these rules or advice as restrictions, understand them as opportunities.


  • If the registration is full, maybe come watch anyway and see what the show is about, how many people are watching, what the stage is like, etc. Due diligence always helps.

  • Listen to the Other Performers - Have fun by watching other performers. You didn't want to start doing this genre because you hate it. Listen, watch and learn a bit. See how a piece transforms in a person's set from the first time they told it and how they tell it in a few weeks.

  • Stop Talking - You see a bunch of your new found buddies at the mic and have a lot to say to each other or maybe you brought a friend from the outside world. The middle of someone's set is not the time to chat. Whisper if you need to communicate something short. Give the same amount of respect to the person on stage as you want when you go up. If you really have to talk, go outside, go to the bathroom, and just exit the direct area of the mic. Don’t hesitate to say the same to anyone in the room either.

  • Silence Your Phone - Nobody wants to hear that go off. Also in that vein, social media can take a break. You are in a room trying to do a spoken word thing which is impossible with everyone's face buried in and illuminated by their cell phone the entire time. You don't need to be on it 24/7.

  • Your Notes Aren't Going Anywhere - You want to make a few adjustments to your notes or don't want to forget something you just thought of. Cool, write it down. At the end, it should not be the only thing you are paying attention to. Give respect to the person on stage.

  • Getting High - Nobody likes a sloppy drunk, or someone who’s so high they’re just saying things off the top of their head, especially not one with a microphone. Respect the rules of the establishment, consumption of substances is strictly forbidden on the premises of the room.

  • Tip The Staff- If you order a drink or fries or whatever, tip the staff. This is also a general life rule, people live off these wages. The manager might not want to continue hosting a comedy night if 20 people show up and only two of them create business for them. There are too many open mics which have got permanently cancelled and given over for another event because those patrons pay. You want a place to practice your set, respect the place.

  • Don’t Be Afraid To Fail - You are figuring out your material in a trial by fire. Not everything is going to work, but it'll be a lot easier to figure out what does when people don't mind you being around because you are trying and giving respect to everyone else trying.

  • Don’t Shout Out/Heckle - There will be plenty of time down the road to learn how to deal with hecklers. Start by not being one of them. You are not helping, you are wasting the small amount of time everyone performing is given at an open mic.  If someone asks a question that isn't rhetorical, answer. Other than that there’s no reason to talk. You will be given your time to talk.

  • Help the Mic - Come early, meet the people who are setting up the space for the event, they may not always be available, but you’ll definitely learn what it takes to setup. Otherwise, you’ll end up making more friends at the room, which can only lead to you feeling more comfortable when on stage.

  • Promote the Show - If you are planning to be on the line-up, it will be better for you to test out your material if there are more people in the audience that you know. Not only will it be fun, you’ll be sure to get genuine feedback later. So try sharing it across whatever social media platforms you are on. You can also inform the Producer/Event Organiser if you have guests coming for the show well in advance so they can inform you if your guests can be accommodated. You cannot be holding contests or any campaign to promote the show without the permission of the Producer/Event Organiser.

  • Be Careful With Your Words and Actions - We’re not meant to be family friendly all the time or performing for a TV Show but your words and actions define who you are and your character/beliefs so don’t make someone feel unsafe or biased against.  Similarly, express your discomfort caused by a fellow performer to the concerned person so that they are aware of the impact their actions have had on you and will thus stop them from causing discomfort to you and others. Putting a post online will not solve the issue. If you find that someone is not understanding that the nature of their material is insensitive, and repeats the same, make sure you bring it to the notice of the host/producer/organiser of the event. For example, just because a performer on the line-up is pointing out flaws in their body does not give you the right to point out the same or talk on the same till you have taken their permission.

  • Make Others Feel Inclusive - Help a new performer by introducing them to others who you know on the line-up. It’s always great to know people personally rather than forming opinions about them based purely on looks or first conversation, irrespective of gender. On the other side, do take consent/permission from someone before messaging them personally or adding them on a group. Otherwise this can be/is a violation of personal space.

  • Be Open To All Forms Of Criticism - Remember you are here to try out your material, if you had a set you should not be on this line-up, so be prepared to listen to all forms of feedback. Try meeting the host/producer/organiser/other performers after the show is over with open ears. Justifications are not necessary since all criticism given may not matter. Choose what is best for you so you can work on making your material better. Similarly when you are giving feedback to anyone, make sure you’re not making fun of them, it would then be classified as bullying/bad behaviour.

  • Bullying/Bad Behaviour - There is a thin line between bullying and joking. Simple questions to ask yourself: Is the other person enjoying the joke too? Is my comment making them angry? If the other person is not on board then it counts as bullying and that is when you know it is time to stop and apologize instantly. Similarly, if you are on the receiving end, report any incidents where you feel you or someone you know is subjected to bullying/rude/disrespectful behaviour, make sure you bring it to the notice of the host/producer/organiser of the event. Person found guilty of the same will not be allowed/entertained in the room.


  • Age Limit: 16+
  • Gates will be closed at the designated start time of the show. Kindly take your seats before the show starts.
  • Internet handling fee per ticket may be levied. Please check your total amount before payment.
  • Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged or refunded.