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Escapology Goa

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Escapology has its first venue at R-city Mall Mumbai and with more opening soon nationally.

Escapology has been voted as one of the most fun things to do in Goa. Escapology brings you Live Escape Games. At Escapology, players can choose from both internationally themed games as well as games specifically developed on Indian Themes. Escapology offers players different levels of difficulty for all its games.

1. Jumanji

2. Harbour Escape

3. Area 51

4. Ward 13

Escapology is also the only Live Escape Gaming Company which has developed levels of difficulty for the same themes to suit younger ages. Escapology is suited for all age groups. Escapology is a fun-filled activity for family, friends, relatives, colleagues and even complete strangers to participate in an immersive gaming experience.

Escapology is a platinum standard in Live Escape Gaming industry and therefore the company spares no expense to ensure customer satisfaction and safety. All their games are developed by highly skilled developers who ensure that the participants/players not only experience the thrill and adventure of the game but they do so in a very safe and good environment.

Escapology encourages players to think out of the box and enhance their problem solving skills. All games at escapology are not only built to entertain but to enhance skills such as team work, team building, team spirit, being a team player due to which it is catching popularity not only amongst young adults but also with corporates as it has proved to be a refreshing way to encourage team work amongst colleagues.

Escapology has also grown immensely popular amongst families with teenage children. It has given a common platform for parents and children to interact and work together without any outside interference or influence for the time they spend not only playing but bonding with their teenage children. Many parents have recommended Escapology to friends due to the interaction and positive time they got to spend with their kids in a constructive and learning environment.

Escapology has also become a destination for teenage Birthday Parties and parents have given them their stamp of approval as they not only are an entertaining zone but also a place where kids learn to think out of the box solutions and grow their personalities by bonding and learning to be both a team leader and a team member during the course of their game.

Escapology has also gained popularity with the ladies who now have more to do than simply have lunch or coffee when they decide to spend time with their friends. Escapology has held many kitty parties and Ladies Day Outs since its opening and continues to grow in popularity with everyone irrespective of age or gender!

All in all one can sum-up Escapology to be a complete family entertainment and a hit like a Karan Johar/Yash Raj movies, entertainment for ages 8-80!!! If you have not yet experienced the thrill, don't wait call now to book your adventure!


  • 1. Jumanji:


You are chilling in Goa for the weekend.  Early evening, strolling along the beach with your friends you notice a large box partly hidden behind a sand dune, its wet, it appears to have been washed ashore in the tide. The box is ornate carved wood, it seems to be very old. It is heavy and appears valuable, surely someone would not simply have abandoned it. Etched on to the front of the box is the word “JUMANJI’. Intrigued you decide to open the box, it is closed tight but slowly you prise open the lid! Inside you find an intricately painted board, there are dice and various pieces of wooden carvings, there is an hour glass, it’s a game! On the inside of the lid is an inscription, written in a language you do not recognise but some words seem to be missing. Is this some kind of prank? you decide to play the game and therefore carry the box back to your resort. Back at the hotel, you remove the painted board and all of the pieces. There are no instructions so you simply roll the dice and at that point, the whole room is plunged in to darkness! You cannot see but you can hear a sliding sound, something is crawling across the floor towards you!! Is it Jumanji?? You feel as though you are being consumed by the board game, slipping deep inside a strange and dangerous world. What follows next could change your life forever! The dice have now been rolled, the sand is slipping through the hour glass, there is no turning back! Your only chance is to play the game, can you win or will you lose and fall prey to the “JUMANJI’. Fail to reach the final square on the board and you are trapped in the game forever, reach the end and you will exit the game safely. What are you waiting for you have only  60 minutes to escape or stay trapped forever in the jungles of Jumanji!

  • 2. Harbour Escape:

You have been relaxing in a bar celebrating Christmas and were befriended by a friendly traveller. You have had a few drinks with him at the bar. That is the last thing you remember that night. The next day you wake aboard the huge ship that has set sail on a risky journey to an unknown destination. You quickly realize that you have been fooled by the Captain and are now forced to work on the ship. You are scared that if you do not escape you will be a bonded labourer on the ship with little hope of pay or freedom. After weeks of sailing an impending storm drives the ship to seek refuge on a small unknown island. You hear a familiar sea song and suddenly feel a glimmer of hope to escape the Captain’s clutches.The crew is starting to prepare the ship to set sail! Looking around the room, you make eye contact with a few of your shipmates, everyone quickly realizes, now is your only chance to escape! The ship will set sail again in an hour. Your Captain, is no fool and it will not be easy to escape. The risks are high. If caught, you could be thrown in to the sea or you could be hanged! The next 60 minutes will change your life forever. You and your shipmates, must solve the clues, answer the riddles, find the hidden map, and get off the ship. Don’t forget to watch the clock for time is of the essence! Do you have what it takes to escape the clutches of Captain?

  • 3. Area 51:

A remote detachment of Edwards Air-force base, deep inside the Nevada Desert, USA! For many years the United States Government denied the very existence of ‘Area 51’. Many theories exist as to the experiments carried out there, some believe the US State Department and the CIA have captured Alien life and imprisoned them at Area 51. Countless sightings of “Unexplained Flying Objects” (UFO’s) have been reported in the skies surrounding the base, perhaps there really is Alien Life is kept a secret, deep inside the Nevada Desert. In July 2013, eight years after a ‘Freedom of Information request’ was filed in the US Supreme Court, the CIA was finally forced to acknowledge the existence of the base for the first time! The only admittance ever released by the US Government is that the base is “Classified Top Secret” due to the testing there of “Experimental Weapons & Aircraft” Many say, everything above ground is a ‘front’ the genuine base is a mile underground!! The fact is that only a small handful of trusted Government Agents really know the truth surrounding ‘Area 51’. You are a part of a group of friends invited to a College Reunion at a remote Resort in Nevada. You spent the night before gambling in Las Vegas, perhaps you stayed awake a little too long and slept a little too late but now you are making the 80 mile journey to the reunion and night is closing in! You have stumbled off course missing a turn, unknown to you, you are now heading away from the resort and towards ‘Area 51’!! 17 years ago on that very evening, the sky above you was alight with such brightness it appeared to be daylight. People living over 20 miles away reported bright yellow glows over the horizon with dark objects breaking through the light intermittently. The brightness lasted for hours, too bright even to look at directly and when the darkness returned and night fell about where you are now, all was not the same! The disappearance of Standford Gouldman, his wife Cynthea and small son Joshua was not noticed until the following morning. His house lay deserted, the front door open, his car engine was running and the car doors ajar. It appeared they had simply been lifted out of their world in a second and no trace of them could be found! Your car is getting low on fuel, you take turn after turn in search of a Gas Station. Seeing a faint light ahead, you cross through an old wire fence where once there had been a gate and you follow the light. A sign on the fence reads “Location 65 Alpha 17 Gamma Beta”. A building appears ahead of you just as the car splutters to a standstill finally out of fuel. You hope there is someone in the building or at least a phone so you can call for help. You approach the door and find it slightly open, you push and it opens further, a single light bulb swings gently in the breeze, you enter the room! Suddenly the door slams shut behind you. Frantically your friends try and open it but it is locked tight, looking about it appears there are no windows in the room, it is deserted and appears not to have been used for many years. You are trapped! On a desk you find a journal, the last entry is dated 17 years ago on this day, it reads: “lunar calendar 76.04.05. Project Halle’ return co-ordinates – 65 Alpha 17 Gamma Beta in 6209 days. Your friend who majored in Mathematics at college tells you, that the entry is dated exactly 6209 days ago tonight! Whatever Project Halle’ is, it is returning to exactly where you are in exactly ONE HOUR from now!! You and your friends have stumbled in to a strange world. Something unknown is coming to this room in exactly 60 minutes. Have you taken a huge risk and can you escape the room alive within the one hour? What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking and you have only 60 minutes to stay alive!

  • 4. Ward 13:

13 years ago on Friday 13th, the patient, a young girl of just 17 had mysteriously disappeared from Ward Number 13! The staff at the hospital talk about the patient being admitted in an unconscious state having apparently fallen from a third floor window at a hotel in Juhu. The girl was Diva Kumar, the only direct descendant of Mukesh Kumar, the billionaire Industrialist who himself died just a year before in a mysterious helicopter crash, minutes after leaving the Mumbai Airport. Her disappearance remains shrouded in mystery despite an extensive police enquiry which officially still has not been closed. The staff claim the room to be haunted, that Diva died a horrible death at the hands of her family thus allowing them to claim the inheritance which was rightfully hers and which she would have taken possession of on her 18th birthday just two days after her disappearance. In the police investigation, the staff reported hearing screams from the room but the door being locked from the inside, they were unable to get into the room and when they finally broke down the door finding the room deserted, the bed neatly made with a doll lying on the bed, tears were running down the doll’s cheeks! Following the disappearance, patients staying in that ward reported ice cold wind blowing through the room and feeling the touch of a hand on their skin, patients fled the room and refused to sleep there. There are stories that Diva returns to the ward at midnight every night and stays there for one hour, if she finds anyone else in the ward she gets very angry and could seriously harm the ‘intruder’. As a precaution, the ward has been kept locked and never assigned to any other patient for the last 13 years! You and your team are hospital doctors working for the Psychiatric Unit. You know of the myth surrounding Ward 13 and have decided to show the staff it is all just superstition, there is no ghost of Diva Kumar! You and your team agree to spend an hour in the room from midnight until 1 a.m. on a Friday night exactly 13 years after the girl disappeared. You give the staff strict instructions not to open the door no matter what they hear or what you ask them to do! The door is locked behind you and at precisely one minute past midnight you realise what a big mistake it was to take on the ghost of Diva Kumar. Were the staff right about things? Have you taken a huge risk and can you escape the room alive within one hour? What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking and you have only 60 minutes to escape!


Terms and Conditions

  • The minimum age of participants is 8 years under the supervision of an adult and 16 years with no guidance.
  • Escapology is a time-based entertainment experience therefore no refunds are offered.
  • Cancellation: No refunds are offered. Cancellations will be dealt with on a case to case basis, requests to reschedule will be considered based on future slot availability.
  • We ask that guests arrive at the venue at least 20 minutes prior of the booked game slot.
  • In a case of late arrival after the scheduled time slot, players will be offered the remainder of the time allotted to play the game.
  • Guests will not be allowed to carry food, drinks, laptops, cameras, mobile phones or any bag into the game rooms.
  • All breakages or damage caused in the rooms during the game will be charged for to guests.
  • Escapology does not undertake or accept responsibility of any consequences should any person suffer personal injuries during the period of the game.
  • Escapology Management reserves the right to refuse service to any individual at any point of time.
  • For guests` safety and security, all games are monitored and recorded on CCTV.