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Escapology - The Live Escape Game

Escapology - The Live Escape Game

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Escapology has its first venue at R-city Mall Mumbai and with more opening soon nationally.

Escapology has been voted as one of the most fun things to do in Navi Mumbai. Escapology brings to you - Live Escape Games. At Escapology, players can choose from both internationally themed games as well as games specifically developed on Indian themes. Escapology offers players different levels of difficulty for all its games.

1. Mumbhaikar - Level 1
2. London Calling - Level 2
3. Ward 13 - Level 3
4. Harbour Escape - Level 4
Note: Ward 13 has a scary decor.

Escapology is also the only Live Escape Gaming Company which has developed levels of difficulty for the same themes to suit younger ages; it is suited for all age groups. It is a fun-filled activity for family, friends, relatives, colleagues and even complete strangers to participate in an immersive gaming experience.

Escapology is platinum standard in Live Escape Gaming industry and therefore the company spares no expense to ensure customer satisfaction and safety. All their games are developed by highly skilled developers who ensure that the participants/players not only experience the thrill and adventure of the game but they do so in a safe and good environment.

Escapology encourages players to think out of the box and enhance their problem-solving skills. All the games are not only built to entertain but to enhance skills such as teamwork, team building, team spirit, being a team player due to which it is popular not only amongst young adults but also with corporates as it has proved to be a refreshing way to encourage teamwork amongst colleagues.

Escapology has also grown immensely popular amongst families with teenage children. It has given a common platform for parents and children to interact and work together without any outside interference or influence for the time they spend not only playing but bonding with their teenage children. Many parents have recommended it to friends due to the interaction and positive time they got to spend with their kids in a constructive and learning environment.

Escapology has also become a destination for teenage birthday parties and parents have given them their stamp of approval as they are not just an entertaining zone but also a place where kids learn to think out of the box solutions and grow their personalities by bonding and learning to be both a team leader and a team member during the course of their game.

Escapology has also gained popularity with the ladies who now have more to do than simply have lunch or coffee when they decide to spend time with their friends. It has held many kitty parties and ladies day-outs since its opening and continues to grow in popularity with everyone irrespective of age or gender!

All in all, one can sum-up Escapology as a complete family entertainment and hit like a Karan Johar/Yash Raj movies! If you have not yet experienced the thrill, don`t wait call now to book your adventure!