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HikerWolf -Hampi on Wheels

Adventure | English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati


Have you ever wondered if film sites like Sholay really exist? Have you ever found yourself in a place so dramatic in its natural form? You can’t help wondering what sort of people and what sort of life it has seen? How amazing it would be if we have a chance to sort such mysteries?

What say?

Hikerwolf has just found a place like that! This unknown journey is the combination of 'sightseeing' as well as soaking yourself in its historical environs. So, here’s the time to have a walk in this imperial city of Vijayanagar Empire – A Great combination of Sacred Centers that includes religiously sacred sites and the Royale Center – that includes Vijayanagara Kings’s Empire.

Note: " If you want, HikerWolf can arrange for your transportation from Mumbai to Hampi and the return journey at just Rs.4500/-


Pick up point: Hospett Railway station/ Bus Stand

Note: Report at Hospett by 8:00 am and drop at Hospett by 5 pm on Day 3. Trippers can make their bookings accordingly.

HikerWolf team can help you with travel assistance to and from Hospett

Day 1: Assemble at Hosapete. Post breakfast head towards Hampi and check-in. Start the day with sightseeing at Hampi. We cover the Sacred Centers that includes Temples and religiously sacred sites like Hampi Bazaar, Hemakuta Hills Virupaksha Temple, Monolithic Nandi, Purandara Dasara Mandapa, Varaha Temple, Kings Balance, Kondandarama Temple, Sule Bazaar, Achutaraya Temple, Stone Car, Vitthal Temple. Evening at Matanga Hills at one’s own discretion. Late evening free to hop around the amazing cafes in Hampi.

Day 2: Post breakfast Check out by 8 am and transfer to the other side of the Tungabhadra River, the Hippie Island via Coracle ride or Ferry. Check-in and get on the bikes to explore the island and places like Gagan Mahal, Pampa Sarovar, Laxmi Temple, Hachapa Mantapa etc. Evening at Hanuman Temple Hills- Anegundi. Late evening free to explore cafes in the area. Call it a day.

Day 3: Checkout post breakfast by 8:00 am and move back to Hampi to explore the Some of Sacred and all of Royale Center that includes Vijayanagara King’s Empire on Bicycles. The other places include Mustered Ganesh, Krishna Temples, Badavi lingam, Ugranarsimha and Under Ground Temple, Pushkarni, Lotus Mahal, Elephant stables, Jajari Rama Temple and Watch Tower. Leave from Hampi and reach Hosapete by 5:00 pm. The trip ends with a lot of memories.



Get ready for this unknown journey!!

Do you love landscapes, sunrise, sunset and hilltop? Who Doesn’t!!!

The day will include sightseeing and the most Mesmerizing view of Matanga hills. This combination of history and adventure makes this place so enthralling.

The history of the land predates that of the capital city. Much of it intertwined with myth and folklore. The name itself is derived from the legend of Goddess Parvati’s human birth as Princess Pampa, and her long penance to win Shiva’s attention. Hence Pampavati, corrupted to Hampe and Hampi.

As said start your journey from the Hampi Bazar and explore Monolithic Nandi, Purandara Dasara Mandapa, Varaha Temple, Kings Balance, Kondandarama Temple, Sule Bazaar, Hemakuta Hills, Achutaraya Temple and last but not the least the UNESCO heritage. So here we visit the ancient monument that is well-known for its exceptional architecture and unmatched craftsmanship.

Here is the pure feel which you have never felt before...It is the most famous Vithala temple of Hampi!


It built in the Dravidian style of architecture. It’s elaborate and artistic carvings and magnificent architecture is unmatched by any other structure found in Hampi.

The day is not yet over! Let’s take our second step towards the trekking site. Yes, our next walk will be to Matanga hills...

The hill is a trekker's delight and offers pleasing views of the entire town. Woow...this definitely will increase our excitement for our further journey!

Late Evening will be free to explore and hop around the various cafes in Hampi for the amazing Food….!!

Day 2:

Something very different...

History and culture apart, the Coracle Ride across the river Tungabhadra is one of the most fun rides in Hampi!

A trip to Hampi is incomplete without visiting the other side of the river...

The village is an island better known as 'Hippie ‘island...Though the official name of this island is Virupapaur Gadde. We will be crossing the river to reach Hippie ride in a coracle and then rent a bike to drive on the beautiful roads of Hippie Island and ride our way to Lake and canal enjoying the majestic view of the place!

Also, we will be visiting the most famous Hanuman temple to get mesmerizing views of the sunset.

Yep people! Definitely, it will be a day to remember...

The day will be interesting for people who are really keen on historic times and love mysteries. The day will head to a few historic famous places like Gangan Mahal, Pampa Sarovara, Laxmi Palace, Hachapa Mantampa etc.

Ufff...this day going to be so heavy. And definitely more interesting ...!

Let's come to places where we going to visit.  

Firstly, Gagan Mahal. Gagan Mahal is also known as the Old Palace. The Gagan Mahal displays the exceptional skill of the engineers who existed more 500 years before today. The palace was built in such a manner that it remained cool even in the hot summer months. Definitely,y it will be worth visiting!

Next, we head is to this reconstructed pavilion your first major stop. From the main road, this pavilion sits hidden in the thick banana plantation with a palm lined trail leading it. i.e. HACHAPPA MANTAPA. A weird name, right? same as the place...!

People, it is not only the history which is spectacular, it is the feel you get is something crazy! Would you not like to visit such a pure soulful pleasant place with the craziness of old times? Why not!!! When you get such an amazing chance....

Late evening free to explore cafes on the island which has unique ambience and finger licking food.

Day 3:

Back to Hampi...yeah!!!! Hikerwolf‘s uniqueness lies in the craziness to make the trip memorable!!! Wanna see??

The coolest part of the trip is our travelling vehicle. 2nd day excitement lies with two wheelers. But how cool it will be if we explore Hampi on bicycles...! Yes, people we will be riding bicycle...!!!


Yes definitely!!! Come gear up your cycles and ready to move!!!!!

Like the other days, the last day is normally so not filled with places but in this, it is definitely a worth remembering

day. So now we will head to see the largest statue in Hampi. This monolithic structure, which is 6.7 m in height, has the lord sitting cross-legged position on the coil of a giant seven-headed snake Adishesha!

We can't miss this!

And with this, we visit the Pushkarnis. Amongst all, the most beautiful ruins of Hampi are the Pushkarnis, ancient water tanks. Hampi’s majestic temples have accompanying stepped tanks or basins used for religious and ceremonial

Purpose. These water reservoirs were called from different names like tirtha, Kalyani, Pushkarni, Pukhuri, Talab, etc. 

Some of these tanks are said to be magical and cured diseases once taken a dip. 

There are a few remains of this kind of which the Great Bath of MOHANJEDARO of the Indian Civilization is. Yes...a place with complete golden monuments and with this a few added peace visits of Baddavaligam, Mustered Ganesh and underground temples.

Wait wait...! Last but not least the famous Lotus mahal otherwise called the Kamal Mahal or Chitragani Mahal. How can we skip this!!

It’s a remarkable and unmistakable design is the main highlight of the palace. It is one of only a handful few

Astonishing building in Hampi that had not been damaged or destroyed amid the attack on the city...

And with this again a small adventure will be performed by us in the end i.e. We will have to rush and board our bus/train on time...

Ends well right?


  • Accommodation on double or triple Sharing Basis.
  • Entry Fees to Monuments and Palaces.
  • Breakfast
  • Local Travelling (from Hosapete and back)
  • Cycle on rent
  • Bike on rent
  • Sightseeing
  • Hikerwolf Expertise
  • Boat transfer towards Hippie Island and back
  • Hikerwolf’s Goodie bag
  • Basic First Aid


  • Lunch & Dinner not included
  • Insurance
  • Cost of Coracle ride
  • Anything not included in inclusions


  • Age Limit: 16yrs+
  • Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged or refunded