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ARTISTS Hipnotribe, Shkabang
All about Hipnotribe + Shkabang

Main Artist: Hipnotribe + Shkabang

The band was formed in January 2008 by brothers Naresh and Paresh Kamath who felt they were missing out on the live gig action post Bombay Black! The members of Hipnotribe are all heroes on their respective instruments.

Kurt Peters is the prodigal drummer son of jazz legend Karl Peters. Abhijit Nalani on keyboards is the guy behind most of the bollywood smash hits! He is also a master funker! Sankarshan Kini (Shanks) plays countless instruments (guitar, keyboards, flute, violin etc.). Sanket Athale, also the youngest in the band is the percussion guru or`Tablaman` as he likes to be called. And Tejasvi Rao is mixing it up on the mixer.

Shkabang is a bunch of musicians who have played on stage many times, independently of each other. Rock, electronic, jazz, reggae, classic, funk and bollywood..they`re doing/done/will do all of that. They hang out..and played a gig together for kicks early last year. They sounded great and had so much fun, they decided to hook up and play some music together for real.

Shkabang likes big sounds and the rush that comes with the banging bass - their sound can best be described as electro-pop-rock-bubble-disco-dance-bang music! Composed of four members, the band came together for one reason only - to make some noise!

A video director by day and probably the music scene`s most banging drummer by night, Shiraz Bhatacharya gives Shkabang the raw power and energy they need on stage. He is also part of the immensely popular rock act, Pentagram, and has just finished shooting Shkabang`s first video.

Niranjan `Pozy` Dhar, a guitar chameleon, is known for his contribution to India`s most adored rock band, Zero. Pozy is also part of great new acts like Tough On Tobacco and KNAP.

Makarand Mane aka Papal who plays bass is also part of Pentagram. Front woman Anushka Manchanda is a livewire on stage, she`s also a Bollywood playback singer amongst many other things and is quite the diva in rock music circles.

For more pictures and videos, click here: http://www.bluefrog.co.in/events/hipnotribe-shkabang


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