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All about Max Clouth Trio

Max Clouth is a musician who is deeply interested in all forms of musical expression. Born 1985, he had the chance to travel to southern Europe, US, Africa, the Middle East and experience the cultural diversity of the world in his early childhood. After graduating at Freie Waldorfschule Frankfurt, Max enrolled at Mainz University to study jazz guitar with Marc - Oliver Klenk and Norbert Scholly.

Parallel to his studies he performed with singers, ensembles and dancers, often playing a hard rock gig after a jazz performance. In 2008 Max changed to Dresden University where he continued his studies with Professor Ralf Beutler and Stephan Bormann and received his diploma degree in 2009. Inspired by Shakti, the influential indo jazz ensemble of John McLaughlin and Zakir Hussain, Max started learning about the Indian system of raga and tala with violinist Indradeep Ghosh. In October 2009 he enrolled at Sangit Mahabharati Music School in Mumbai (Bombay) to study Indian Classical Music with Pandit Nayan Ghosh.

Besides studying, Max regularly performs in India and Europe in a solo format with musicians like Indradeep Ghosh (violin), Hindol Deb (sitar), Nirmalya Roy, Omprakash Pandey, Niraj Kumar, Pt Shankha Chatterjee (tabla), Torsten de Winkel (guitar), Rafael Sotomayor (hang), Marc-Inti Mnnel (bass), Vaibhav Wavikar and Geronimo Dehler (percussion).

In 2010, Luthier Philipp Neumann and Max designed a double neck acoustic guitar, equipped with 12 sympathetic strings. The Lotus Guitar, named after stylized lotus petals on the body and neck of the guitar, is a unique instrument, providing an incredible variety of sounds. Right from warm nylon string sounds, oud or sarod-like microtonal shades and the silvery ring of the sympathetic strings, The Lotus Guitar has been a great source of success and is regularly in Max`s performances, including his India tour in January 2012.


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