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All about Metal Night With Demonic Ressurection & 1833 Ad.

Artist: 1833 AD

1833 AD brings forth a fresh approach to Black Metal digressing from the traditional abrasive sound, concocting a mixture of extreme tremolo picking riffs and mellow melodic hooks and solos. The band brings together their individual playing styles to create an atmosphere of sorrow and hatred which do justice to the lyrical themes of the band.

With lyrical themes mostly centered on fiction, hatred, destruction and exploitation of the human race, 1833 AD takes a little detour from what people mostly categorize Black Metal lyrics as. Few songs do speak of supremacy of evil in this world but only to imply the ways of men and not by endorsing Satanism, Atheism or even Christianity.

Artist: Demonic Resurrection
Right from its inception in March 2000 Demonic Resurrection has been raising eyebrows. Starting out as bunch of 17-year-olds looking to give India a taste of extreme metal, then a nearly untouched genre, the band, spearheaded by Sahil The Demonstealer Makhija, released their first album Demonstealer within nine months of formation.

It was an amateurish first attempt but a bold step in a scene dominated by tribute and cover bands that got Demonic Resurrection noticed. As with most bands, teething problems meant that members came and went, and the first stable lineup came together only in 2001 with Demonstealer on vocals and guitars, Count Varathora on bass, Nikita Shah on vocals and keyboards and Yash Pathak on the drums.

The band re-recorded Demonstealer with the current lineup. Though a marked improvement on the original recording, the band was still experimenting with its sound and recording, something that comes across clearly on the album. It was still amateurish but it received a fair bit of acclaim and Brazilian record label Vampiria Records released a tape version of the album in the local market. (Today though, copies of this album are collectors items.)


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