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Nature Camp Fest

Nature Camp Fest

Adventure | English, Hindi


Welcome to Nature Camp Fest, India’s first zero carbon festival.

Nature Camp Fest is a 1 Day Camping and 2 Days Music & Artfest with an earth-friendly mechanism to promote the right mix of sustainability and entertainment. 

A perfect weekend getaway from your monotonous life and for seekers, believer, doers, change makers and people of all ages and walks of life. Nature Camp fest is an absolute blend of nature, music, art, organic food, camping, self-healing, sustainable living and eco-gathering with an objective of providing high octane entertainment and unique experience.

Line Up :

Stand up : Sumit Anand

Live Bands :

1. Shubhank Sharma

2. Pinch of Souls

3. Sutej Singh

4. Fat Yellow Moon(Band)

5. Sejal Morris And many more...

Workshops :

1. Detox - Making of Air purification plant By Green The Map.

2. Landscape Canvas Art by Ankur Rana

3. Sustainable living & waste source by Alag Karo.

Activities :

1. Camping

2. Live Jamming

3. Bon Fire

4. Paintball

5. Yoga

6. Photo Walk

Camping ticket include - 2 Day festival Pass, Camping Gear, All Meals (vegan) & FnB Coupon.   Access to all area.

Day Pass tickets - Entry & access to stall, activity & workshop area.


  • Open to all.
  • Aerosol cans, glass, drugs, bazookas, and affiliated stuff, sharp items, umbrellas, your own food and drinks, deodorant sprays, music players and speakers, (selfie-)sticks and all other objects that could be considered as a weapon. Furthermore, no animals are allowed.
  • You're not allowed to flyer at Nature Camp Fest
  • IN = IN and OUT = OUT, this means that if you exit the festival grounds you’ll have to pay again if you want to re-enter unless you have a Weekend or VIP wristband.
  • People who enter the festival grounds must become acquainted with these rules and must accept and comply with the stipulations:
    • who are clearly under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other stimulants
    •  who has already been banned from the festival grounds. The ban can be issued either by the organizer or administrative or legal authorities
    •  who show improper behavior with the intention of disturbing the peace or provoke others by inciting hate, anger, punches, injuries, etc
    •  who resist checks and unsystematic pat downs by stewards and the festival’s security agents
    •  who resist handing over objects that are considered dangerous or are forbidden (see articles 4 and 5) by the festival’s security agents
    •  who act contrary to the stipulations of one or more articles of these rules
  • Every holder of an admission ticket or special permission pass who wants to enter the festival grounds must allow their admission ticket or their special permission pass to be checked. Entering the festival grounds implies a possible pat down.
  • Security can ask same-sex holders of an admission ticket or special permission pass to undergo a voluntary pat down of clothing and baggage, in order to detect items whose presence on the festival grounds could disturb the festival, endanger the safety of other visitors, and disturb the peace.
  • Security agents are allowed to frisk or pat down visitors every time they enter the festival grounds, even those with a VIP or festival wristband.
  • Holders of an admission ticket, a special permission pass, a VIP or festival wristband who are at the entrance of the festival grounds and those already on the festival grounds are not allowed to bring in, have brought in or possessed the following items:
    • own food or beverages, bottles, glass, cans, drugs or stimulants, etc.
    •  deodorant or perfume in large bottles or aerosol cans (cosmetics products in normal shape and size are permitted)
    •  any apparatus (umbrella, parasol, tripod for film or photo cameras, cane) that the security personnel at the entrance regards as dangerous for other festival visitors can be refused
    •  projectiles or explosives in solid, liquid or gaseous states
    •  inflammable products or materials
    •  pyrotechnic objects like Bengal fire, etc
    •  any weapon or dangerous, sharp or bruising object that can be used to cause injury (sticks, chains, weapons for beating, stabbing or thrusting)
    •  anything that can be used to disturb the peace, endanger the security of the crowd and/or cause damage to property and people
  • Animals are not allowed on the festival grounds.
  • Texts, symbols, images, gestures and improper remarks that give cause for racism, xenophobia, provocation, and discrimination of any kind are strictly forbidden on the festival grounds.
  • Holders of an admission ticket or special permission pass, a regular VIP or festival wristband on the festival grounds are strictly forbidden:
    •  to enter the no access parts of the grounds in accordance with the wristband, admission ticket, or special permission pass, for example, the production rooms, artist loges, neutral zones, press offices, offices, backstage areas, etc.
    •  to climb on tents, constructions, fences, enclosures, lampposts, tables, benches or any other infrastructure on the grounds
    •  to block the entrances, exits and evacuation roads or to stay in these places longer than is strictly necessary for entering or leaving the grounds
    •  to disguise themselves or refuse to make themselves recognizable
    •  to disturb the peace or endanger the safety of the audience
    •  to sell beverages, food or any other product without the explicit permission of the organizer
    •  to throw any object or liquid or any other product in a liquid or gaseous state
    •  to smoke in zones where smoking is forbidden
    •  to urinate in public.