S.K.A.T.E (Satish Kaushik Acting Therapy For Everyone!)

S.K.A.T.E (Satish Kaushik Acting Therapy For Everyone!)

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Satish Kaushik Acting Therapy for Everyone!
By Satish Kaushik

Whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming, I am a man.
- Chuang-Tzu.

Welcome to a world where you can be, what you missed to be! Experience a life where a doctor can be a dervish, a housewife can be a heathen, a lawyer can be a labourer, a software engineer a slumlord.

We find peace in an alternate reality; modern meditation techniques encapsulate the same as essence of co-existence. Meditation to many sounds difficult and a language of serious and seniors.

Generally awarded an adjective as boring but Satish Kaushik will bring you a unique form of meditation which will make laugh, indulge and co-exist with your crazier, free and alternative self. Who knows whether you are butterfly or a man.

Behind glitter and glamour of Bollywood Journey of four decades, our longest surviving CALENDAR has experienced a journey where he could discover meditational therapy while practicing acting. Whether you are burnt out CEO or young one whose girlfriend has turned back at him or a frustrated youth who could not find a job or senior citizen who long company or so called content people who are bored of being content, SKATE takes you through an experience beyond words!

Discover your alternative reality with an actor, writer, producer and director who has distinction of having directed biggest names of Bollywood including Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Sridevi, Aishwary Rai etc.

Discover the power of acting as a philosophy, a practice and as a life skill.
The universal power of acting as a skill cannot be overstated. The phrase act accordingly refers to how you behave with different people in different situations, circumstances and places. SKATE, therefore, can make you intrinsically a person more capable of communicating with the rest of the world.

An escape from the mundane, whenever you need it.
Acting is a delightful holiday from the drudgery of daily life. Tired of your desk job as a teller in a bank? Don the hat of a detective and prowl the streets incognito. Bored of being a homemaker? Play a passionate journalist in our exercise. Exhausted from your daily rigours as a logistics supervisor? Become an all-powerful don, even if for a few delightful hours. Acting can transport you into an exciting world of your own making, and it can grow your personality by imbuing it with versatility.

No better way to better your relationship with the world.
When an employer plays the role of an employee, he understands the life of the employee better. When the teacher enacts a student, she understands the mind of the student better. When a cop performs as a criminal, he understands the criminal mindset. Empathy can transform the world through better relationships.

Acting is an anti ageing tonic.
Time and tide erode the wide-eyed enthusiasm one has for life and its twists and turns. We become cynical and jaded without realizing it. Acting is a delightful exercise in bringing your inner child alive again. This is because discovering yourself again as a different person is a brand new journey, a joyful new adventure.

Acting heals.
There have been instances where actors, having arrived at their sets burning with fever, have emerged from their performances hale and hearty, fully cured. At its highest level, acting is an out-of-body experience that can literally free you from what your body is carrying physically, be it pain or disease, a similar end result that you can expect from Yoga & Meditation.

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