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The 12B System - Workshop

Business | English, Tamil | 8hrs

What is The 12B System - Workshop?

The 12B System is Becoming the Big Boss A Brick By Brick Brand Building Blueprint for Busy Business Beginners

'The 12B System is a complete product of all the documents and templates you need to run your business and thrive.

Apply the The 12B System in your business and continuously grow your business. Spend less time and make more money.

The 12B System is a TOOLKIT for your Entrepreneurial success.


In the 12B system - Workshop, the mentor Implements the simple and profound ideology as definitive blueprints, document by document. The 12B System - Workshop is a Brick by Brick foundation for YOUR Brand building.

Why The 12B System - Workshop is CRUCIAL for the Business?
According to forbes.com, 93% of businesses fail within one year of commencement.

This 12B System - Workshop teaches,
a) Why most businesses fail.
b) How to avoid such failures and successfully thrive.

Blueprint and Templates

The exact blueprint and templates will be revealed and will be given to you as a bonus take away material after the workshop. Any doubts/clarifications will be answered anytime after the workshop.

Its a Special Learning Platform for

a) Business owners of all business sizes.
b) A struggling Entrepreneur.
c) People who want to start a successful sales Business systematically and contribute.
d) Learn the entirety of the sales process.
e) Learn the entirety of leadership.
f) Learn the art of closing over phone
g) Learn how to stay motivated when the going gets really tough.
h) Learn the artful ways to handle objections.
i) Learn the traits of Great salespeople.

How The 12B System - workshop will change your life and Business forever?

The 12B system is a simple method that made the following:

a) Significantly brought down the working hours for Entrepreneurs.

b) Exponentially increased the Income in the business.

What will you exactly get from The Workshop?

a) Complete Blueprints Implementations to run YOUR Business successfully (online/offline) (Will be completely tailor-made for you).

b) A Proven product to implement in your Business Immediately.

c) Visibly experience increased cash flow in less time.

d) Spend less time in Business and Witness Massive Growth.

e) Continuous business building support after the workshop.

f) Learn how to build your business from remote only with just a Laptop / Mobile with internet.

g) Learn to build, grow, thrive and scale your business Bulletproof your business and attain financial independence.

h) This workshop provides will teach you the brick by brick, step by step process to build your business as a brand.

i) The exact blueprint and templates will be revealed and will be given to you.

j) As a bonus take away material after the workshop with which you can refer and build a business as a brand.

k) How to turn your business idea (even if you dont have one, you will learn to create one), into a lucarative business.

l) How to integrate various systems in business to work for you as a cash machine.

m) How software systems can act as your servant and how you can Thrive your business from the remote.

About Mentor

Dr. A. Azariah Samuel., M.Tech., MBA., PGDFA., Ph.D., D.Litt., Founder and Director of Aristocrat group of companies is your mentor. He has ten years of expertise in products and service business arena. He has coached numerous entrepreneurs through the years for success.

He now leads a team of 50+ and He has offices in Chennai, Hyderabad and UAE.

Over the years he has accumulated numerous successes and a few failures through which he learned the inner workings of the business machinery. He founded this business for a greater sense of purpose with an ambitious plan of Enriching the Nobility in the people.

His contribution in accelerating the Thought Process of various communities is limitless. His deep insight and perspective impacted many lives of students, researchers and industrialists.

His interest got levelled up from teaching to mentoring initiates to excel in their careers. He had mentored around 15000+ initiates to change their educational lives.

His sense of purpose and mission has always been an integral part of its goal to uplift social communities.

Why 12B System - Workshop?

You always hear people say or you say,
"I want to start my own business" 'I want to succeed in my business'
The real problem is, Most people dont realize that starting a business DOESNT automatically change your life for the better. If you have a real good look into the REALITY, you will know, that most business owners are struggling. They work overtime, they are stressed out, they take less vacation, they ignore their families. Thats just a part of reality.
So, If you want to start one or succeed in your current business,
You need to make sure to do it in the 'Right Way'
The 12B System Workshop is all about doing business in the 'RIGHT way'
12B is Becoming the Big Boss A Brick By Brick Brand Building Blueprint for Busy Business Beginners
Its time you take control of what you have instead of getting tangled inside what you have.
Thrive your business 10x to 100x times.
If you are the business owner or planning to be one, dramatically increase your profits. By taking this mentorship program.
Be a part of this program this program and get the blueprints and Templates.
You will never stay in the same income zone for too long again.


  • Age Limit: 18+
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