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The Urbania Summer Fest 2019

The Urbania Summer Fest 2019

Workshops | English, Hindi


Two whole months of glorious summer vacations and while the kids are ecstatic, parents are wondering how to make their kids spend this time fruitfully. Keeping kids occupied, entertained and above all, keeping boredom away is a daunting task for parents, especially when both are working and don’t exactly get free time themselves. 

The solution is simple – get the kids to attend the 2019 Summer Camp at Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development at Rustomjee Urbania. Planned in two phases, the first of which will extend from 15th – 30th April, the summer camp has a series of activities that will ensure that the children will not only have fun but gain some useful knowledge and skills too. From art and sport to drama and science, there is something for everyone. Kids as young as four and older teens will all find workshops that interest and challenge them. 

For sports enthusiasts, there is a choice of basketball, table tennis, skating, and chess, choose any one or all! An internal tournament will be conducted at the end of the course which will comprise of 10 sessions.  There are also workshops on functional training and self-defense. When your interest lies in fine art, the kids can opt for the sessions of ‘splash of art’ which will involve craft as well, or the older children can hone their penmanship with calligraphy workshop or sketch a portrait. The performing arts workshops are planned for those who enjoy the lure of the stage and these include speech and drama, playback theatre, dance, and light vocals.  For the more cerebral minded, there are science-based workshops including steam lab and delving into the world of dinosaurs and outer space. Children can also take advantage of the workshop that will guide them on how to make friends with emotions. Making the weekends extra bright are special weekend treats including a theatrical show – Let’s Puppet and young baker’s kitchen. 

Parents can rest assured; their children will be in good hands. Leon’s World Centre associates with the best service providers to ensure that children are given the most encompassing learning and entertaining experience. This summer is going to be a super blast and the one thing no parent whose child attends camp is ever likely to hear - “I’m bored!"

A)Sports Fun :

Basketball (8-9am) 

Table Tennis (9-10am)

Skating (9:30-10:30am)

Chess (9.30-10.30am)

Age: 4 and above years 

10 sessions with Finale: Internal Leon’s tournament 

Fees :- Rs 2000 per sports

Discount offer :- 10% off on enrolling 2 sports 

Date: 15TH -19TH April, 22nd -26th April 

End date: 26th April

Inventory per game per day: 



CHESS:- 10


B) Arts & Crafts :

Splash of Art including Pebble Art, Dokra Art, Lipon Art, Papermashe Craft and much more. 

10 sessions/ 4.30-6pm

Age: 5years and above 

 Fees :- Rs 800 per kid

Start Date:  15TH -19TH April, 22nd -26th April

End date: 26th April

Inventory:  15

C) Sketch Portrait:

Specialized workshop with Basic face anatomy, grid method portrait, tones, shading, blending etc

5 sessions/10.30-11.30am

Age: 15 years and above 

 Fees:- Rs 3500(including materials)

Start Date: 15TH -19TH April

End date: 19th April

Inventory:  12

D)Calligraphy Workshop:

6 sessions for Preliminary 

Fees:- Rs 1800 per kid

& 6 sessions for Advanced

Fees:- Rs 2800 per kid

Time: 4-5pm

Age: 9 years and above (including materials like books and calligraphy pens)

Start Date:  15TH -19TH April & 22nd April

End date: 22nd April

Inventory for Preliminary:  10

Inventory for  Advanced:  10

E)Theatre & Drama:

Speech & Drama by Ethiros Theatre Group 

Age: 4-10years

10 sessions End with a Finale performance

Time: 10.30-11.30am

 Fees:- Rs 2000 per kid

Start date: 15TH -19TH April, 22nd -26th April

End date: 28th April ( Final Show)

Inventory:  20

F) Playback Theatre Workshop by Rangbhumi

Age: 10years and above 

10 sessions End with a Finale performance

Time: 12.30-2.00pm

 Fees:- Rs 1800 per person

Start date:  22nd -26th April, 29th April-3rd May

End date: 4th May (culmination day from 11-12: 30 PM)

Inventory: 12

G) Dance & Prance 

Bolly-Hop by Kaushal - Shiamak Davar trained coach

Age: 4-6 years & 7 years & above

10 sessions End with a Finale performance

Time: 11.30-12.30PM

 Fees: -Rs 1200 per kid

Start date:  15TH -19TH April, 22nd -26th April

End date: 26th April ( Finale)

Inventory:  40( 20kids in a batch)  

H) Science Splash :

Content to include  - Discover Dinosaurs, Space and Astronauts, Superheroes, etc 

Age: 4-10 years 

5 sessions: 15th-19th April

Time: 12.30-2pm

 Fees:- Rs 2000 per kid

Start date: 15TH -19TH April

End date: 19th April

Inventory: 15

I) STEAM Lab :

Age: 6-10years / 11-14years

5 Sessions 22-26th Apr

Time: 12.30-2pm/12:30-1:30PM respectively 

 Fees :- Rs 1800 per kid( including materials)

Start date: 22nd -26th April

End date: 26th April

Inventory:  12

J)  Sports Conditioning:

Self Defense & Functional Fitness 

Age: 4 years and above

10 sessions/ Time: 4-5pm

 Fees :- Rs 1600 per kid

Start date: 15TH -19TH April, 22nd -26th April

End date: 26th April

Inventory:  25

Weekend Mania:- Saturday & Sunday

A) Rubik’s cube 

Learn to solve Pyraminx in just 2 sessions.

Age:- 6 to 96 years

Fees:- Rs 1200( excludes cube cost. Kids can bring their own pyraminx or buy it from the provider)

Time:- 11 to 12:30PM

Start date: 20th April

End date: 21st April

Inventory:  10

B) Theatrical show 

 Let's Puppet

Age group:- 4years & Above

 Entry fee: - Rs 300 per person 

 Time :- 11:00AM- 12PM

Start date: 21st April

End date: 21st April

Inventory:  60


C) Young baker’s Kitchen:- Learn the art of making waffles and baking strawberry/oats muffins 

Age:- 6 years & above

Fees:- Rs 300-500

1day workshop:- Rs 300 per kid

2 days workshop:- Rs 500 per kid

Start date: 27th & 28th April

End date: 28th April


1st Day workshop:- 15

2nd Day workshop:- 15

D) Bollywood & Western Vocals by Ajivasan

 Fees:- Rs 3500 for 7 sessions(with instruments and studio session)

 Bollywood Vocals

Start date: 14th, 21st, 28th  April; 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th May

End date: 26th May ( Studio Recording)

Inventory:  15

Western Vocals

Start date: 28th April; 5th, 12th, 19th,26th May; 2nd & 9th June

End date: 9th June( Studio recording)

Inventory:  15

E) Making Friends with Emotions by Equipoise 

Batch 1 Age: 5-10years

Batch 2 Age: 11-15years

8 sessions in total

 Fees:- Rs 4200 per kid

Start date: 20th, 21st, 27th , 28th April (Time :- 12-1:30PM)

; 4th ,5th, 11th , 12th May(Time:- 11-12:30PM)

End date: 12th May

Inventory:  15 per batch


  • Age limit: 3+.
  • Internet handling fee per ticket may be levied. Please check your total amount before payment.
  • Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  • We recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the venue to pick up your physical tickets.