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Tribute To Grateful Dead (A)

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ARTISTS Aazin Printer, Tala Faral, Pradeep Matthews, Rohan Mazumdar
blueFROGs take on Tribute to Grateful Dead Feat. Aazin Printer, Tala Faral, Pradeep Matthews & many more!
Calling all Deadheads to come and join an all-star lineup as they pay tribute to the music of The Grateful Dead. Without genres or boundaries and totally improvisational, Jam is/was their bread and butter....
-Malini Hariharan, Programming
All about Tribute to Grateful Dead Feat. Aazin Printer, Tala Faral, Pradeep Matthews & many more!
Main Artist: Various Artists
Grateful Dead Tribute: Gratefully Dedicated, Lets be merry for Jerry

They`re not the best at what they do, theyre the only ones that do, what they do, read a billboard at one of their last concerts. Well, what a long strange TRIP its been!

More than 45 years ago, a bunch of young boys in the San Francisco Bay Area, living in their cars and on tomato soup, made from tapwater and ketchup packages, lifted from fast food restaurants, had a dream and vision of driving the train that would change our world on so many fronts.

That band of merry pranksters ultimately became The Grateful Dead. They have changed the way we live and think in ways we dont even know.

Its more than just the music, its a way of life!

Come join us as we present an ode to the pioneering Godfathers of the jamband world and celebrate the birthday of the legend himself, Jerome John Jerry Garcia. There is nothing like a Grateful Dead Concert or a Gratefully Dedicated Tribute. So come, lets be merry for Jerry.

In the words of their friend and lyricist, Robert Hunter, ``Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right...``

Line Up:
House Band
F.A Talafaral Keys
Kenneth Rebello - Bass
Jehangir Jehangir (Something Relevant) - Drums
Samir Karnik - Guitar
Aazin Printer - Vocals
Ankit Dayal and Rohan (Spud In the Box) - Vocals

Guest Artists:
Pradeep (Mavyns) Guitar/Vocals
Kris (Mavyns) - Drums
Nicholas Vaz - Guitar
Nikhil - Guitar
Rachel Varghese - Vocals
Rohan Mazumdar (The Colour Compound) - Vocals
Anushka Jagtiani - Vocals

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