VGP Universal Kingdom  in VGP Universal Kingdom: Chennai
27 May - 30 Jun

VGP Universal Kingdom

Theme Parks English/Tamil

Park Timings:
Weekdays - 11 am to 7 pm
Weekends - 10.30 am to 8 pm.

Way back in 1975, when 'Amusement Parks' and 'Theme Parks' were hitherto unheard of in India, the founders of VGP set about creating a unique entertainment idea that was very popular only in countries abroad. Their late founder, Mr. V G Panneer had visualized a new concept of leisure in India and brought his vision to fruition, thereby pioneering a whole new experience. It was named 'VGP Golden Beach', and very quickly became the most popular name in Southern India.

The transition from just a family outing place to a full-fledged Theme Park bringing in the best of rides from USA, Italy, Japan and other countries. Re-christened in 1997 as 'VGP Universal Kingdom', 40 years on, the Kingdom remains India's largest theme park and is a thriving hub of fun, sun and sparkling good times. Spread out over a massive 45 acres of beautiful property, complete with a private beach. It homes about 45+ scream-out-loud rides, a huge Water Park complete with massive slides that drop into 5500 gallons of swirling water, and an array of exhibits including the Snow Kingdom, the Petting Zoo, and the Statue Man, all of it set against a backdrop of lush greenery and the azure sea. Truly the kingdom of fun!

Their mascot, Kutti Raja is the king of Fun and Quirk. Along with his army of herculean 'Chutti Sepoys', they are harbingers of fun, cheering you on through the many exciting rides and attractions.