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Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum

Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum

25 May, 2018
2 hrs 01 mins
2,279 votes
5 1057
4 360
3 220
2 200
1 434
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Abhi and Anu live diametrically different lives, far removed from the space each other occupies. Abhi is the average boy next door with a regular job and a lifestyle that borders on the mundane, and is very close and dependent on his mother. Anu is an organic farmer in Ooty - a lively girl, passionate about social issues and unafraid to challenge social responsibility and the stigma around her.

They meet and are instantly attracted to each other and get married on a whim. Subsequently, Anu's pregnancy augurs the start of a new phase in their lives. But it all comes crashing down when their families meet and a shocking disclosure conspired by a strange twist of fate is revealed. This disclosure questions the foundation of Abhi-Anu's relationship, which they find hard to overcome. Torn between what the society expects him to do and what his love needs to conquer, Abhi is faced with a life-altering decision.
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Verdict: An intriguing love story that makes you think deeper. Abhiyude Katha Anuvinteyum is a bilingual romantic drama directed by Asia’s first female cinematographer BR Vijayalakshmi. The movie stars Tovino Thomas and Pia Bajpai in leading roles, along with some veteran actors from South Indian cinema, including Suhasini, Prabhu, and Rohini. Though the theme is romance, Abhiyude Katha Anuvinte... ...Read full review
Abhi is just a regular guy - an active netizen who watches all viral videos. He spent his childhood in boarding schools as his wealthy parents are busy with their business abroad. He knows how to scoot from his angry boss and keeps his house neat and tidy although he lives alone at house neat and tidy although he lives alone at house. ...Read full review
Abhi works in a corporate company and he is the son of a financially sound couple. He falls in love with an internet sensation named Anu and guess what? In no time they are friends and before you know it, they are married and she is now pregnant. The movies central conflict gets revealed at that point which causes a moral/ ethical conflict in between the two. How that issue affects the relationship is what the movie dealing with. ...Read full review
Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum begins with Abhi aka Abhimanyu, a corporate professional in Chennai, echoing a similar line from Mudhalvan - how comfortable it would be if life had a rewind button just like the one on a remote. The film then takes us back to the past to the moment when Abhi is charmed by Anu (Pia Bajpai, who captures the two shades of the characters impressively), a cinematic version of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl who lives in Ooty, after coming across her Facebook videos. Their interactions result in them falling in love with each other. On a whim, they decide to marry instantly, not even waiting for their parents. ...Read full review
The guy, Abhi (Tovino Thomas), falls in love with the girl, Anu (Piaa Bajpai), who is something of a social media celebrity, after seeing her Facebook videos showcasing all her cuteness and good deeds. Anu accepts his friend request after he sends her some hats. You ask yourself whats so special about this dude that compelled her to respond to him. I mean, he doesnt do anything out of the ordinary. ...Read full review