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Angel Has Fallen

Angel Has Fallen

23 Aug, 2019
2 hrs 02 mins
8,440 votes
5 3703
4 2682
3 1393
2 375
1 281
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Secret Service Agent Mike Banning faces the greatest test of his professional and personal life when he is framed for the attempted assassination of the US President. He must now evade the FBI and his own agency in order to hunt down the real threat and prove his innocence.
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Verdict: A high-level conspiracy wrapped up in a thrilling adventure. Angel Has Fallen is the third installation in the `Has Fallen` series after Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen. The protagonist of these three movies is secret service agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) who is not just any agent, he`s `THE` secret service agent. In all three movies, Mike`s job has been to be the guardi... ...Read full review
The entire premise would have been more enjoyable with some crazy humour. But the actors are also burdened with some clunky dialogue. The impact of crucial scenes is lost because of cheesy lines. Sloppy writing weighs down heavy on the actors. Morgan Freeman, Lance Reddick and Danny Huston have more than decent acting chops, but you can see them all struggle with the material. Meanwhile, Gerard Butlers efforts as Mike Banning are not in vain, but you cant help hes trapped, and not by design. While the films practical effects are sound, the CGI is downright terrible. Angel has Fallen has some redeeming qualities, but theyre too few and far in between to justify its existence. ...Read full review
Overall, despite the predictability of the narrative and few cinematic liberties that have been taken, the film is engaging and entertaining. ...Read full review
Fallen is a franchise that has lived longer than it had any reason to. It needs to be retired before we are forced to watch Gerard Butler save alien leaders from a comet shower or something. Because thats the only probable next step. For those of you looking at me funny, remember Dwayne Johnson single-handedly nudged a missile away in F8 of the Furious. In the world of desperate Hollywood action franchises, nothing is too sacred to mess with anymore. ...Read full review