All Eyez On Me
A chronicle

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All Eyez On Me

16 Jun, 2017
2 hrs 20 mins
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All Eyez on Me is the epic story of Tupac Shakur, the legendary rapper, poet, actor, and revolutionary who sold more than 80 million albums worldwide making him one of the best-selling music artists in history. Born the son of Black Panther activists into a world of injustice, Tupac's struggle gave him his voice. And the more people tried to silence him, the louder his voice became.

As Tupac's fame and fortune grew, his explosive lyrics and aggressive gangster rap persona made him a target for the police, politicians, and East Coast rappers who were embroiled in a blood-feud with Tupac's West Coast crew for control of the rap game.

Tupac would eventually fall victim to the violence he rapped about, cut down in a hail of bullets in a murder which has yet to be solved. All Eyez on Me tells the rise-and-fall struggle of a legend who was larger than life and whose legacy remains with us today.
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Verdict: Like a music video based on Tupac's life. Anyone who follows hip-hop even a little bit hasn't been spared of the charm that is Tupac Shakur, especially the #90sKids. The guy is a legend to everyone who has heard his songs and know of his accomplishments. Many of Tupac's songs found their way to the []... ...Read full review
Youll wish for more, as the film shies from delving deep. His affiliation to Death Row and rivalry with The Notorious Big are featured, but they dont tell you anything that you already dont know. Its not Straight Outta Compton. ...Read full review
Since its Tupac, the music being brilliant is a no-brainer. However, unlike biopics on rappers in the past like Straight Outta Compton or 8 Mile, viewers who arent aware of the legacy of Tupac, wont quite be able to connect with the film. But for fans of Tupac, its just the thrill of seeing something about their rap idol on screen. ...Read full review



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