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Rangasthalam (Telugu)


30 Mar, 2018
2 hrs 59 mins
1,033 votes
5 875
4 76
3 15
2 8
1 39

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A happy-go-lucky Chitti Babu, who has a partial hearing disability, lives in a village called Rangasthalam and is unaffected by the perpetual chaos created in the village by its dreaded president, Garu. However, when his elder brother Kumar Babu returns home from Dubai and finds out that not much had changed around him, he decides to take on Garu. Not letting his disability come his way, Chitti joins his brother in his fight.
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The film really belongs to director Sukumar who manages to take up an age-old formula and make it work with his vision. Prakash Raj is the man who stands in the shadow throughout the film. Initially he supports Kumar Babu, and helps the brothers with the nomination. He is also the game changer in the film, who leaves us stunned in the end. Not because we dont know where it is headed, but because of the way all of it is presented. ...Read full review
Ram Charans long awaited rustic entertainer Rangasthalam 1985, directed by Sukumar, is all set to take the box office by storm. Majority of the film has been shot in Godavari region and the art work is said to be the mainstay of the film. ...Read full review
There is no doubt in saying that Rangasthalam is the most ambitious project in Ram Charans career. For the first time in his career, he has done a village drama in the direction of Sukumar. After a huge round of promotions, the film has finally hit the screens all over. Lets see whether it lives up to its expectations or not. ...Read full review
It is tough for a director to deal with current day audiences by telling a story that took place almost 38 years back and adding a weakness to the heros character. But Sukumar has done it in the best way and held the interest of the audiences from title cards to the interval. The way the first half is filled with the beauty of Rangasthalam village and the village politics aspects is excellent. The first half ends on a promising note and sets the premise perfect for the second half. The second half starts on a slow note but still, there is some new factor in the second half. The film picks up the speed, by the time it reaches the pre-climax and the climax sequence is one of the best works from Sukumar as it ends with a mind-blowing twist. The way Mythri Movie Makers have believed Ram Charan and the director is nothing but the best.The film is indeed a must watch. The film has a true story, but it was presented in a best commercial manner. Watch it. ...Read full review
One of the most important aspects of Rangasthalam is the lack of effect of the runtime. As many know by now, the movie is nearly three hours long, but when watching one never gets the feeling of watching such lengthy flick. The pace never slackens, except briefly in the second half. ...Read full review
Rangasthalam can be described in two words: revenge and defiance. While the revenge is at the heart of the story, defiance is its soul. Director Sukumars defiance, who is also the writer of the film, is on display from the very beginning of the film. He defies the very basic expectation of a film that has a commercial hero such as Ram Charan by doing away with a hero-introduction scene. The film begins with a top angle shot of showing a person, peddling his cycle as fast as he could through the mud lanes of a village and as the camera draws closer we see the side profile of Chitti Babu (Ram Charan). ...Read full review
It would be a crime to brush aside Rangasthalams story as old wine in a new bottle. The trajectory of its characters might seem familiar, but this is a canvas where every character is real and emotional. While desperation and fear dictates the lives of most people, others are driven by greed and a thirst for power. Rangasthalam mirrors the brutal truth about politics in a village, and goes far beyond the cliches of lush green landscapes and happy lives that has come to define village-based dramas. ...Read full review
With the stamp of a commercial potboiler written all over it, Ram Charans Rangasthalam makes no bones about not being different or epic. At the heart of it, its a commercial film about the heros fight against a corrupt village president. ...Read full review
Ram Charan will be remembered for his Chitti Babu character for a long time. Rangasthalam has scenes that will stay with you for a long time, especially the bloody fight in the field and the final one between Ram Charan and the main villain. This one is a sure-shot blockbuster. ...Read full review
Brother sentiment is the story`s biggest strength. Ram Charan delivers a dekko as a pure-hearted villager to whom his brother and girlfriend mean the world. Exhilarating making values help matters. On the flip side, cliched scenes are not few and far between. ...Read full review