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Ishq (Malayalam)

Ishq (Malayalam)

17 May, 2019
2 hrs 14 mins
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Ishq follows the story of Sachi and Vasudha, a young couple who meet and fall in love through their social media interactions. The film tackles several issues from the contemporary social scenario in Kerala, and is directed by Anuraj Manohar.
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Without diverting from its serious note, Ishq wins heart for the subtle nuances through which it tried differentiate between `love` and `passion`. ...Read full review
The constant ogling, sleazy comments and character assassination that women are subjected to, when spotted with men in public, are aptly brought out through the scenes in the movie. The finesse with which the films director showcases our societys double standards when it comes to treating couples or women also deserves a mention. It urges the audience to cheer for the revenge story, and the answers to the many questions triggered within viewers while watching Ishq are cleared at the right junctures of the story. ...Read full review
What I liked best about this Ratheesh Ravi-scripted film is that it doesn`t take any sides. In the end, it neither absolves Sachi nor Alvin. Debutant Anuraj Manohar directs the film with the assuredness of an experienced filmmaker. Ishq is replete with plenty of intense moments and I`m not exaggerating when I say that Anuraj`s commendable mastery over his actors` performances brings to mind filmmakers like Sidney Lumet and Martin Scorsese. Not many films can make you root for a character and then minutes later make you ask if it wouldn`t be more appropriate to show them the finger instead. ...Read full review
Ishq is one film that fills your mind with so much emotions. Its easily one of the finest movies that needs to be applauded for its sincere approach. This one is not to be missed. ...Read full review
Ishq is a good example of how to make a message oriented film. Apart from a small dialogue from Shane Nigam towards the end of the film, there is hardly any spoon feeding here and what you get is an impactful cinema powered by solid performances and craft filled making. ...Read full review
A scathing indictment of moral policing. ...Read full review
Ishq gives a cathartic and unexpected closure. The film excels at mood creation, especially during the pivotal car scene, where you may have predicted what happens in the next frame, but the staging and the editing compensate it whilst increasing your anticipation. The wafer-thin plot is very well thickened by Ratheesh Ravi`s fast-paced screenplay and the visceral performances. ...Read full review