Jia Aur Jia

Jia Aur Jia

Hindi, English
27 Oct, 2017
1 hrs 33 mins
3,061 votes
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Two women with starkly different personalities, sharing the same name - Jia, embark on a life-changing journey. As the two travel together, they discover that no matter how short life is, it still can be one big deal.
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Verdict: A fun film you should definitely watch with your girls this weekend. Kalki and Richa, both terrific performers are known for their acting prowess and their choice of films. Definitely, when such a power-packed duo comes onscreen together, our expectations are bound to rise. Jia Aur Jia, directed by Howard Rosemeyer, doesn`t do much []... ...Read full review
Most road trip movies make you feel bad about your boring and ordinary existence. They are ugly reminders of what you`ve been missing all this while and how life passes you by while you are busy paying bills and compromising on your likes, dislikes, even self esteem to be able to make a living. ...Read full review
Hindi films about girl bonding are in short supply. Most filmmakers are happier pitting them as romantic rivals. In Jia Aur Jia though, two women sharing absolutely nothing in common, except their name, take off to Sweden in a trailer van. ...Read full review
As Bollywood has always showed us, when one friend is quirky other needs to be introvert. During the trip they explore few things about each other which shocks them much. ...Read full review
Films about road trips inspire travel while the characters onscreen embark on a soul-searching journey of self-discovery. In this one, when the two leading ladies, who share the name Jia, are booked for a twin-sharing travel package to Sweden, we`re just as hopeful. ...Read full review
Debutant director Howard Rosemeyer`s Jia Aur Jia is a road movie and a terminal illness weepie rolled into one. The result is anything but happy. The film is about two women, two temperamental opposites, looking for common ground in the course of a Scandinavian getaway. ...Read full review
You can almost imagine the creator of these lines patting himself on the back after having come up with them. The speaker is Kalki Koechlins character in Jia Aur Jia. The second half of the film is filled with such dialogues, trying hard to impress listeners with their wisdom. ...Read full review
Two young women are unexpected partners in a touching coming of age tale: this must have been the intention of Jia Aur Jia. ...Read full review
Chick flick, road trip drama, slice of life, `Jia Aur Jia` is anything but any of these. With the most misleading trailer ever, this film has nothing much to offer. Director Howard Rosemeyer takes you on a bad trip of marijuana for no reason. ...Read full review
I have so much to say. This deathly tacky, 93-minute-long Swedish-tourism advert kind of reviews itself, but I still want to write about the movie so that I can personally cringe at how painfully embarrassing it reads. And so that I can believe that this actually exists. ...Read full review
`Jia Aur Jia` seems promising at the start. It follows two women as they embark on a road trip to Sweden, which proves to be life-changing. They have nothing in common, except their name ...Read full review
Any promise that Jia aur Jia may have held of taking a fresh, original approach to the idea of a girl-bonding story is dispelled literally minutes into the film. Make no mistake, this is your standard odd-couple narrative disguised as a road-trip movie, and its crammed with every clich you can possibly think of. ...Read full review
Like in most films of this genre, the road-trip in Jia aur Jia is a metaphor for a journey of self-discovery. Prejudices are overcome, dark secrets are revealed, and life lessons are learnt, but there isnt an iota of freshness in the way that the narrative unfolds. ...Read full review
Despite having come a long way, Bollywood gingerly attempts telling stories that are not formulaic, or digress from the tried and tested formats. Therefore, judging purely on the merits of its title, I was expecting this weeks release Jia Aur Jia to be a thrilling ride, or a perfect thriller that has two starkly different women sharing the same name as its leads. ...Read full review
`Jia Aur Jia` seems promising at the start. It follows two women as they embark on a road trip to Sweden, which proves to be life-changing. They have nothing in common, except their name. ...Read full review
The worst thing about the unbelievably juvenile Jia Aur Jia is that it beams out, repeatedly, an inaccurate and potentially damaging message about liver donation. For the record, no one has to die to be a donor. ...Read full review

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