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12 Strong

19 Jan, 2018
2 hrs 12 mins
3,462 votes
5 1813
4 1007
3 448
2 56
1 104
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Post 9/11, a special force team under the leadership of a new captain is deployed in Afghanistan to take down the Taliban. Whilst the team comprises of the best soldiers, their challenge is to work in coalition with an Afghan warlord to trace the Taliban hideouts.
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Verdict: Chris Hemsworth shows the strength of modern warfare. The topic of 9/11 still remains a sensitive subject and for Chris Hemsworth to be playing the lead in a film about USA's first response to the attack is no small feat. But that's not the only reason that 12 Strong is an impressive tale. If []... ...Read full review
Nicolai Fuglsig` retelling of this near impossible dangerous covert mission is unnerving and atmospheric. The depiction of loss of innocent lives, incessant gunfire and bombings that engulf war-torn Afghanistan, literally make you watch over your shoulder to ensure you are safe and that is the kind of impact you expect from a war drama. ...Read full review
Holding his forefinger and thumb centimetres apart, Captain Nelson (Hemsworth), leading a team of US soldiers deep into Taliban territory in Afghanistan, a month after 26/11, predicts, We are this close to wiping out al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. ...Read full review
It seems like every subsequent modern war film is part of the law of diminishing returns. Earlier, a war movie was considered a historic piece of art with a strong anti war sentiment and deep dives into what it means to lose humanity. Nowadays most war films play like advertisements for the armed forces slickly shot, with great attention to the hardware but little to the soul. ...Read full review
Based on journalist Doug Stantons non-fiction book, Horse Soldiers, 12 Strong details the exploits of the American Special Forces unit by the name of Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA 595) in Afghanistan, following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. ODA 595, with the assistance of the Northern Alliance factions, was one of the very first special combat teams sent to destabilise the Taliban. ...Read full review