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Flop-E (Bengali)


24 Feb, 2012
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The story starts with an interactive session between the host of a leading news channel and Industrialist Mr.Pranabesh Mitra (Barun Chanda), who has been successful throughout his entire career and has just won the best businessman of the year award, at the studio of the channel. While the session was still going on, a news arrived at the studio of a young businessman, committing suicide, not withstanding a heavy loss in his business. With this news an interesting statistics came out, that in the last six months almost 42 people had committed suicide at a very young age. So the channel decides to telecast a live interactive session regarding the tendency of youths to commit suicide the guests being a psychologist, an economist and Mr. Pranabesh Mitra.
The name of the session was 'agatya atmahatya'. While asked about the reasons for this tendency of the youths the economist came out with a point that in today's world the weight of a schoolbag of a kid is more than that of his own, so is the expectation from him. So when the expectation is not fulfilled they quit. Mr. Mitra pointed out that a person should be ready to face any kind of challenges that may come to him. If a person wants to achieve great heights he must have the guts to face the fear being falling down, in other words if a person wants success he must be ready to face failure. The economist smiled and replied that Mr. Mira wont understand the situation in which a person is reluctantly compelled to end his/her own life as he has never known what failure is.
The words from the economist made Mr. Mitra think a lot and he decided that he too would face failure. So in order to 'achieve' failure, he called upon an urgent meeting, with the top officials of his company and proposed that he wants a new business idea, his company has never ventured before and that the business should be at a loss. A young employee (Paoli Dam) came up with an idea of investing in the film industry and convinced Mr. Mitra that if she follows the opposite rules of making a hit film, the film would be a flop by default. She then Appoints Rudra (Shubhrajeet Dutta) a struggling director, Hritwik (Joy Ganguly) a struggling scriptwriter, Ani (Dipankar Mukherjee) a struggling cinematographer, Sanjeeb (Sanjeeb mukherjee) a struggling music director with a little or no experience with a hope to make a flop film. Will they come up with what they want, i.e. a flop film? Sabyasachi Chakraborty & his mother plays the leading role in the film made by 'Rudra'.
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