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Golmaal Again
Iss Diwali Logic Nahin Sirf Magic

Golmaal Again

20 Oct, 2017
2 hrs 31 mins
211,340 votes
5 96243
4 56668
3 33905
2 11370
1 13126
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The makers of the famous franchise unite again, this time presenting a film high on steroids - to bring the house down with laughter and fun. The same madness, extreme level of fun and more craziness will make Golmaal Again one of the best entertainers of 2017. The original cast reunites along with powerhouse performers like Tabu and Parineeti Chopra making this franchise one of the most awaited Diwali releases of the year.

Golmaal Again is a fun filled ride about two gangs who are unable to stand each other since their childhood and how they repulse each other even after they grow up. Golmaal Again is just another hilarious adventure with its fair share of thrills & action that are sure to surprise the audience and fill their hearts with laughter and joy. It is a film that will certainly make everyone laugh, cry and realize the importance of how beautiful life is.
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Verdict: A typical Rohit Shetty entertainer that requires you to forget logic. Rohit Shetty is back with his most famous and loved franchise Golmaal. This movie not only marks 10 years of the Golmaal series but also is Shetty's 10th movie with Ajay Devgn. Right from the very beginning, Golmaal Again asked us to forget []... ...Read full review
The gang of five Gopal (Ajay), Madhav(Arshad), Lucky (Tusshar), Laxman (Shreyas) and Laxman, again! (Kunal) are orphans who have been raised in Seth Jamnadas` orphanage in Ooty. When they return to their orphanage to mourn the death of their mentor, they hear that an avaricious builder, Vasu Reddy (Prakash Raj) and his associate, Nikhil (Neil) have designs on the ashram and the adjoining plot owned by Colonel Chouhan (Sachin Khedekar). ...Read full review
Its the fourth installment of the Golmaal franchise, and if you have watched the previous Golmaals, then you know what to expect. Only this time there is a ghostly twist. ...Read full review
The film, a drastic change from its usual blatantly unabashed slapstick humour, tries to experiment with horror-comedy, a genre that`s been in vogue for the longest time down south. ...Read full review
When it comes to Rohit Shettys Golmaaal series, there are two kinds of movie buffs - one cant get enough of it while the other slams it as illogical. If you fall in the former bracket, the filmmaker has a heavy dose of nostalgia for you. If you are part of the second category, Rohit has tried his best to entice you adding elements of horror, melodrama, revenge and even a storyline but that takes an hour to build up. ...Read full review
The usual suspects are back, a fourth time. The first frame has two cars, one bright red and the other yellow, and the star cast, decked out in black, swaying to the title song. ...Read full review
In case you weren`t sure which number Golmaal this is, the lead cast ends the opening number with a freeze frame holding up four fingers to the camera. This one sticks to the winning formula of the franchise throw in a pack of out-of-work actors along with Ajay Devgn, a female lead (inevitably ornamental to the script) and recruit minimum wage writers to pen an omnibus of one-liners from hell. To scar you right away, here are a few "Aai mar gayi aur papa ki eye chali gayi, eye for an eye!" "Maine tujhe paala posa, even fought for your samosa." Then there`s someone who plonks on a couch and says, "Sofa so good." ...Read full review
Tabu is in Rohit Shetty`s latest Golmaal movie. Seeing this powerhouse actress in a film so far removed from sanity is the equivalent of spotting Helen Mirren in a Carry On movie. That, however, is what Shetty does: he carries on, and somewhere along the way as his blockbusters continue minting money, perhaps every respectable actor in Hindi cinema will eventually hop along for a ride. ...Read full review
If you are going to extend a franchise, then this is perhaps the right way to go about it. Eleven years after the first film Golmaal: Fun Unlimited released, Rohit Shetty and team put together the 150-minute-long fourth outing Golmaal Again. ...Read full review
Contrary to superstar Aamir Khan`s Secret Superstar, which released on Thursday, Golmaal Again flaunts `no logic` and `only magic`. The horror-comedy revolves around five people Gopal (Ajay), Madhav (Arshad Warsi), Lucky (Tusshar Kapoor), Laxman Prasad (Shreyas Talpade) and Laxman (Kunal Khemu) who are brought together for a purpose which is formerly unknown to them. By joining forces, they realise that a bigger cause lies ahead. ...Read full review
I suppose its true: film critics are entirely unreasonable people. After endlessly complaining that the last two Golmaal films were like a series of jokes strung together with little by way of story, listen to us grumble now that Golmaal Again has too much plot. ...Read full review
In the fourth installment of the Golmaal franchise, director Rohit Shetty takes pains to have a story even though the goal is the same: laugh at all costs. So we have Tabu narrating a "story worth listening to". But is the story really that important in Golmaal? ...Read full review
The good news is that Golmaal Again isnt a sex comedy. The bad news is that it then automatically qualifies into the family-friendly comedy bracket. And you know how it is these days writers arent told what kind of families to cater to, so naturally they write for ape families. ...Read full review
The Golmaal franchise was always about boys being boys. They`re pranksters, mischief mongers and the epitome of the madness that boys are capable of pulling off in their teens. Ten years into the franchise, the lure of boys having fun with quirky dialogue and slapstick comedy refuses to die down. ...Read full review