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Gulaab Gang
Clad in pink sarees, Gulaab Gang stands up to fight the unjust.

Gulaab Gang

07 Mar, 2014
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Somewhere in the Hindi heartland, an ashram of sorts has been set up by Rajjo (Madhuri Dixit) where women armed with axes and sickle and dressed in pink nine yards, mete out the evil and seek out justice for one and all, while making hand-ground spices, hand-woven baskets and hand-woven sarees.

But when the party she was campaigning for reveals its true colors, Rajjo knows she has a whole new battle ahead of her. And a force of evil she hasn`t encountered in the past - Sumitra Devi (Juhi Chawla) whose money, bullet, connection-driven juggernaut of politics is a threat she hasn`t encountered before.

Realizing the devil is soon enough going to swamp and silence and encompass the work she has been striving for all these years, and bring her into a deadlier web of buyout, Rajjo has to battle this new unseen devil. At the ballot box.

With something she has lived to learn all these years the strength of soul, song and stick. This season the color of justice is pink.
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The only thing that seems to have been beneficial for Gulaab Gang is the recent controversy the film got itself into. Yes, the audience were waiting for the film to release since it was first announced across television screens and theaters. However, it fails to impress. Perhaps, the endeavor behind the making of the film ... ...Read full review
We seem to have underestimated a talented actress, or maybe Juhi Chawla did.That could be why she, at first, didnt want to essay the role of Sumitra Bagrecha in Gulaab Gang.As the corrupt politician, who plays master puppeteer in the game of politics, Chawla is so much at ease that it is, frankly, a little frightening ...Read full review
So fine , maybe Madhuri Dixits Gulaab Gang has nothing to do with Sampat Pals real-life Gulaabi Gang, even if both wear pink saris, and fight for womens rights in a rural North Indian outpost. The difference between the two films ( and Gulaabi Gang did the smart thing by releasing just ahead of the Bollywood take) is stark : the first , featuring the plain-faced Sampat, is a hard-hitting documentary ; Madhuri Dixis gang, on the other hand, is as make-believe as make-believe can get. Gulaab Gang is faking it. ...Read full review
In a key scene from Gulaab Gang, Madhuri Dixits Rajjo leads a group of women dressed in pink saris and wielding lathis, sickles and axes to descend upon a band of thugs whore smuggling their village ration. Leaping through the air and pouncing on the men, they slice, stab and knock them out until every one of them has been vanquished.Much of Gulaab Gang unfolds in the same vein. Rajjo, who runs a school for little girls that alternates as a shelter for battered and abandoned women, is a strong advocate of violence as an instrument of justice. Rod is God, she proudly declares, as her avenging angels take on corrupt government officers, abusive husbands, and sleazy rapists. ...Read full review