09 Dec, 2016
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The movie JAGRUTHI is based on the theme that the awakened voters are the strength of democracy. It discusses about the corruptive political system and its eradication through people's awareness. An organisation known as Anti-corruption forum creates awareness among the public by exhibiting a documentary about the eradication of corruption. Because of this, alerted voters defeat the candidates who distributed money for the votes and who did politics in the name of caste and religion. As a result, the honest independent candidates win by a large majority and form the government. This govt. earns applause from the people due to its good governance. After 5 years when election again approached, owing to the fear of enlightened voters, the political parties, which are in a fix, give the party tickets to the honest people. Since there is a change in the attitude of the political parties, the CM and his colleagues of the non party government do not like to contest the election again. Instead, they set off a tour to further enlighten the voters who are already alerted. In his speech in the tour, the CM alerts the people that if the voters elect the worthy candidates as per the aspirations of the constitution it becomes possible to bring a good government.
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