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27 Jul, 2018
2 hrs 37 mins
16,504 votes
5 6044
4 3930
3 3337
2 1379
1 1804
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Beloved by all and dreaded by some, Junga is your quintessential don-next-door who is equal parts menacing and goofy. By a strange twist of fate, he makes some very powerful enemies in high places who are now resolved to ensure his downfall. Can Junga and his gang of misfits find a way out of the tight spot they find themselves in?
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Verdict: A miser`s comicalquest to reclaim his lost ancestral property. Junga stars Vijay Sethupathi, with a talented cast that includes Sayesha Saigal, Yogi Babu,Madonna Sebastianand Saranya Ponvannan in prominent roles. Directed by Gokul, the film is said to be the costliest film by Vijay Sethupathi, and its expected to achieve great acclaim from his followers. https://www.youtube.com/wa... ...Read full review
From the opening scene, where a police inspector is instructed to conduct an encounter of the dreaded don Junga (Vijay Sethupathi), director Gokul sets the tone for a quirky, laugh-a-minute dark comedy. Following the style of Venkat Prabhu, Gokul uses some successful yesteryear BGMs in a few scenes and turns them on their head to make the scenes comical. Take for instance the scene where Junga narrates his flashback... We get the Baashha BGM, which abruptly stops when Vijay Sethupathi states that his story is not a patch on Baashha`s. ...Read full review
Junga narrates the tale of a man with the same name, whose forefathers and ancestors were once lethal dons. There comes an instance when Junga decides to take up the job of being a don. Well, the storyline might seem to be ordinary but what makes Junga different from the others is its quirky angle. This storyline has been treated with fun, spoof and mass elements. The audiences ought to watch this film keeping these factors in mind. ...Read full review
Throw together a stingy don, a lover who loves his money more, a don amma who knows the truth about his son, a don paati who knows nothing and a don assistant, and you can be assured of a hilarious gangster movie spoof. ...Read full review
Is it a black comedy or a spoof on Tamil gansgter films? Vijay Sethupathis big budget film Junga, written and directed by Gokul, tries to follow the middle path and ends up neither here nor there. The only silver lining in an otherwise a long and drab movie is Vijay Sethupathi, with his terrific comedy timing and his goofy scenes with Yogi Babu. ...Read full review
Junga starts on a confident note. The eponymous hero played by Vijay Sethupathi is all set to be killed in a police encoutner. On the way, Junga tries to set the policemen against each other, making easy conversation. The intrigued policemen wonder how he is nonchalant about his impending death and ask him his story. What more of a cue does Junga need to plunge into a flashback? Thus, begins the story of Junga, the stingy don. ...Read full review