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The King of 'Dharavi'


Tamil, Telugu, Hindi
07 Jun, 2018
126,089 votes
5 56564
4 28379
3 20078
2 8008
1 13046
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Set in Mumbai, Kaala is a crime drama, which showcases the story of a man from Tirunelveli, who migrates to Mumbai, and eventually emerges as a virtuous gangster in the Dharavi slums. Director Pa. Ranjith also highlights the sufferings of Tamil migrants in Mumbai who are often victims of discrimination.
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Verdict: This film redefines "black" and "white", with a smashing performance from the Superstar. PA Ranjith joins hands again with the Superstar, and this time, it is even more entertaining and pulsating. Kaala has a stellar cast including Rajinikanth, Nana Patekar, Samuthirakani, Eswari Rao, Huma Qureshi, Anjali Patil, Pankaj Tripathi and Sayaji Shinde. The movie has been produced by Dhanush und... ...Read full review
If I said director Pa Ranjith towers over Rajinikanth in Kaala, would you believe me? Kaala is Pa Ranjiths political commentary that Rajinikanth has just lent his voice to. Is it a spectacular film? Not really, but its a spectacle all right. ...Read full review
Kaala isnt a Rajinikanth film it is a Pa Ranjith film starring actor Rajinikanth; not the superstar, mind you. Ranjith makes this absolutely clear right from the word go by giving Rajini his simplest introduction on celluloid after ages. ...Read full review
This time, Ranjith uses Rajinikanth the Superstar to tell his message land is the common man`s right. The story is simple... Migrants from Tamil Nadu settle in Dharavi and help build it, and run the city. When an evil politician-cum-land mafia don sets his eyes on their land, they revolt. Do they succeed? ...Read full review
The story of Kaala is set against the backdrop of the slums of Dharavi in Mumbai. Kaala is the King Of Dharavi, with the Tamil migrants out there looking up to him. Things do take a turn when a politician tries to uproot the slum in the name of development. How Kaala deals with this has been narrated in Kaala. ...Read full review
Following Kabali, the RajinikanthPa. Ranjith combination is back in Kaala, with a social message film packaged as an entertainer. The film works largely due to Rajinikanths charisma and his style. Like fine wine, the superstar is getting better with age and has chosen a role which helps him bring out his larger than life image in a convincing manner. ...Read full review
As if any reminder was needed that a Rajnikanth film is nothing short of an event for loyal fans, the makers of Kaala have laid a pre-recorded audio track of loud cheering over the title card announcing the superstars namein a font resembling shiny LED lights, in case you were wondering. Ironic, given that Kaala is not your typical Rajnikanth event movie. Far more coherent and considerably more enjoyable than 2016s disappointing underworld rivalry saga Kabali also directed by Pa Ranjith Kaala is a return to storytelling and character-based acting. ...Read full review
There are two ways to watch a Thalaivar film. One, where you munch on popcorn and sip on coke in a plush theatre, and you are interrupted only by a 15-minute interval. The other is to watch it with his loyal fans at the Aurora theatre in Mumbai (the theatre even has a brief mention in the film!). And that`s where I watched it. ...Read full review