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12 Jan, 2018
1 hrs 52 mins
7,555 votes
5 1976
4 1173
3 1348
2 921
1 2109
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This is a story where fates intertwine, destinies bump into each other, chaotic ironies result and in the end - order is restored by a beautiful stroke of poetic justice. The story plays out in 12 hours, with six characters from different worlds, from urban, ambitious upwardly mobile Bombay and its dark, neglected under-belly.

In this dark, funny tale, the lives of complete strangers intersect for a few frantic moments and lead to consequences not improbable but extraordinary.
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Verdict: A colorful dark comedy that offers more than sex, booze and dope. Seven years ago, Bollywood film Delhi Belly changed the face of Indian cinema. It was one of the most talked about films of the time, mainly due to its R-rated content. India was not new to dark comedies, but this one catered to a []... ...Read full review
After writing an unconventional comedy (Delhi Belly), Akshat Verma`s Kaalakaandi, set in Mumbai, is partially fascinating. It revolves around people who must do the right things, wrong things and wonder if what they did was right. ...Read full review
Delhi Belly scripter Akshat Verma`s maiden directorial venture, in essence, possesses the madcap spirit that propelled the 2011 hit. Kaalakaandi is set in Mumbai and focused primarily on more mature characters. So its tone, texture and treatment are markedly different. ...Read full review
What would you do if you are faced with some terrible news? If you are Saif Ali Khans buttoned-down character in Kalaakaandi, you gulp down something small and red, and get slung out into the night. ...Read full review
Writer-director Akshat Verma whose previous writing work in Delhi Belly(2011) won him accolades does a good job of writing this cinema noir. However he falters in the direction part because he is not able to control the pace needed for a thriller. ...Read full review
Before telling our reader if the movie managed to impress, let us tell you what the literal meaning of Kaalakaandi is. Kaalakaandi is the Marathi sland which means when everything goes disastrously wrong. This is what happens in Saif Ali Khans life when he learns that he just has a month to live. Lives of six Mumbaikaars, who are not even remotely related to each other, are entwined together. ...Read full review
When the writer of Delhi Belly announces his intent to direct, obviously there is reason enough to sit up and take notice. That film released seven long years back, produced by Aamir Khan and directed by Abhinay Deo was an excellent black comedy that pushed the envelope in the genre more than most Hindi filmmakers had for decades before that or have since. Its writing, direction and casting were in sync with each other. Kaalakaandi gets one element right: its cast. ...Read full review
Saif Ali Khan asks a woman after kissing her, What is the meaning of all this? There is no answer. If you are looking for meaning, lessons or even quirky laughter-inducing moments, Kaalakaandi is not the film for you. Though the film aims to show us the dark and bizarre side of people, life and especially the city of Mumbai; Kaalakaandi is a thriller at best and an attempted comedy at worst. ...Read full review
So, the story is set in an isolated Mumbai of some parallel universe where you find the streets vacant at night. Three tracks run at the same time happening within the duration of one random night in the city. It starts with a health-conscious upmarket Rileen (Saif Ali Khan) finding out hes suffering from a stomach cancer. Vice President of some unnamed bank, Rileen now wants to live the rest of his life doing things he never imagined. ...Read full review
The film showcases Saif playing the role of a man who has been diagnosed with stomach cancer and is staring at the very end. A frustrated and agitated Saif finds himself in the middle of nowhere and decides to let himself go footlose for a night. ...Read full review
Saif Ali Khan, a simple man who doesn`t smoke, drink, sleep around or attend parties gets the shock of his life when his doctor confirms he has last stage cancer and might survive not more than 6 months and the very next day is his brother`s wedding. ...Read full review
What would you do if you were told that you had only a few months to live? If a doctor suggested, in a matter-of-fact way, that you should call your lawyer and put your affairs in order. Rileen, a banker who doesnt drink, smoke, do drugs or even eat butter, decides to let go. All these years, he says, what was the point? ...Read full review
There are moments of such inspired lunacy in writer-director Akshat Vermas Kaalakaandi that youll find yourself laughing till your sides hurt. One of those involves a wannabe cowboy accidentally shooting himself in the crotch while imitating Feroz Khans moves on screen. ...Read full review
Akshat Verma`s Kaalakaandi brings to the fore three contemporary Bombay stories that run parallel to each other. Not just is the film genuinely humorous (without falling prey to the pitfalls of slapstick clich), it offers a decent fare in the drama department as well. That drama, which sometimes comes off as overdone, has enough moments of poignancy to keep the film at an impressive level. ...Read full review