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Killing Veerappan
The film is based on the events leading to the operation to capture or kill Indian bandit Veerappan.

Killing Veerappan

07 Jan, 2016
2 hrs 31 mins
7,741 votes
5 2952
4 2322
3 1611
2 410
1 434
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Killing Veerappan is an upcoming Indian, docudrama thriller film written and directed by Ram Gopal Varma. He was the most dangerous man in the crime history of Asia. During his lifetime, Veerappan killed 184 civilians, 97 policeman and 900 elephants. The movie is based on the events leading to Operation Cocoon to capture or kill the Indian bandit, sandalwood smuggler and mass murderer who was active for years in forest lands covering the states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
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Versatile director Ram Gopal Varma has come out with an innovative idea of making a new film based on the life of Sandalwood smuggler Veerappan titled as Killing Verappan. This film has garnered lot of public attention because it deals with the events that lead to Operation Cocoon, which ultimately killed forest brigand Veerappan. ...Read full review
It is unfortunate how the film turned out given the expectations. RGV`s first film in Kannada was only incidental to the hype. The real clincher for the Kannada film fans was the fact that Shiva Rajkumar was taking the lead in killing Veerappan, the real-life villain to Rajkumar. Shivanna`s character does not even have a name in the film, so, the few times when he takes the name of Rajkumar, saying he has personal enmity with Veerappan for abducting him, it sounds too cinematic. ...Read full review
It was this director`s decade old dream to make a movie on Koose Muniswamy Veerappan, infamously known as Veerappan. The man famously known to have defied forces of three states including the Border Security Force for more than two decades, killing at least 184 persons (100 of whom were policemen which included senior police officers) and above all the kidnapping of Sandalwood matinee idol Dr. Rajkumar. With this much history, naturally there were several films, documentaries and TV series made to showcase the life of the dreaded Veerappan, and how it in turn led to Asia`s biggest manhunt, and the military operation which finally killed him. The recent one being an honest effort of director AMR Ramesh in Attahasa, also made in Tamil, becomes an inevitable comparison for obvious reasons. ...Read full review