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Kuttanadan Marpappa

Kuttanadan Marpappa

29 Mar, 2018
2 hrs 20 mins
7,141 votes
5 2499
4 1678
3 1591
2 621
1 742
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When John Paul, a wedding photographer, meets Jessy for the first time, he instantly finds himself attracted to her. His crush eventually turns into love, the feeling which is reciprocated from Jessy's end too. However, their relationship is put to test when an arranged marriage proposition comes their way and everything in their relationships goes for a toss.
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Verdict: The out-and-out comedy flick checks all the right boxes. When a lensperson decides to take charge of the movie, there hardly is any fault with its frames. And Kuttanadan Marpappa is a testimony to that. Marking the entry of cinematographer-turned-director Sreejith Vijayan to Mollywood, the comedy is Kunchacko Bobban`s third outing for the year, after&#... ...Read full review
After every Good Friday, there is an Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, similarly you too should make a comeback, says the mentor of the hero, while he sits depressed and lovelorn. The native of Alapuzha, John Paul, played by Kunchacko Bobban, the protagonist of the movie has his nickname as Marpappa. He resides along with his widowed mother Mary (Shanthi Krishna) in a beautiful house beside the backwaters. Mary is a quick-witted, son loving mother whom every child would desire to have. So is his close buddy Motta (Dharmajan) in the movie- a strong support and right hand of John. ...Read full review
Kunchacko Boban is one of the finest actors in Malayalam, who has the calibre to play strong and intense characters, and also simple and light characters. Kuttanadan Marpappa showcases him in his light avatar. Playing the female lead, Aditi Ravi does a neat role while Shanthi Krishna pulls off the role of the hero`s mother with ease. Appearing in a pivotal role, Ramesh Pisharody dons his to perfection. An average flick with the taste of Kuttanad, this movie is ideal for those who dont give two hoots about logic or intellect. ...Read full review
Kuttanadan Marpappa has the genuine intent of offering an outright comedy. With a whole lot of artists who are able to handle comedy effectively, the platform was perfectly set for the movie. In fact, some of the comedy numbers, especially that of Dharmajan and the spectacular cameo of Soubin Shahir have worked out pretty well. The characterisations and the backdrop in which the story is set are also impressive. But, something is lost in between the cup and the lip. The fact that the film doesn`t have anything new to offer in regards of the story or screenplay also pulls back the film at portions. Certain cliches which are associated with movies of this genre, also go against the film. ...Read full review
Kuttanadan Marpappa belongs to that category of movies which you will sort of laugh inside the theater because of the back to back counter dialogues, but wont last in year head for long or you wont be even interested in narrating the story to someone. I have to say that I laughed a lot for the dialogues in the movie but the amount of female bashing and the too convoluted back and forth drama of the movie sort of makes Kuttanadan Marpappa a watchable one with not much to boast about. ...Read full review