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MLA (Telugu)


23 Mar, 2018
2 hrs 09 mins
18,542 votes
5 6033
4 4296
3 4523
2 1583
1 2079
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Kalyan, a happy-go-lucky guy, falls in love with Indu and goes to her father to ask her hand in marriage. However, her father throws a challenge at Kalyan to become an MLA. Will Kalyan win the challenge?
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Verdict: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram steals the show. MLA aka Manchi Lakshanalunna Abbai marks the debut for director Upendra Madhav, who was an associate writer before for Srinu Vytla and a few other directors. Nandamuri Kalyan Ram and Kajal Aggarwal are teaming up for the second time after Kajal made her debut with him, more than a decade []... ...Read full review
Overall, MLA has two decent blocks that work well keeping the routine commercial sensibilities in mind. The rest even in that terrain, are weak making MLA a below average to average at best in the end. ...Read full review
The primary line of MLA is to give a subliminal message about child labor, who are suffering with Silicosis due to inclement working conditions. The movie also stresses the importance of child education. However,end of the day MLA ends up as regular commercial movie that sticks to tried and tested Tollywood formula. ...Read full review
The movie Manchi Lakshanalu Unna Abbayi is nothing but a regular and tested commercial movie that we get to watch every now and then. The movie lacks freshness completely and hence appears boring to watch. The first half has nothing in the movie and the story actually starts in the second half. ...Read full review
There are two kinds of films - the ones you watch, and then, there are those which you truly experience. But MLA falls into a different category. It`s the kind of film that you stare at with a blank expression. Twenty minutes into MLA - Manchi Lakshnalunna Abbayi (The Boy With Good Qualities), it becomes quite evident that the director of the film was a writer first. Thats because in the first act of the film all you see is a bunch of actors just delivering their lines without any real feelings. In MLA, that magic bonding is what goes for a toss. In the end, what we get is, a film that feels like a garland of the best scenes from several films strung together, but it doesnt have anything which makes it unique. In other words, it lacks soul. ...Read full review
MLA is yet another routine commercial drama which has nothing new to offer. The same old storyline, hero challenging the villain and helping the village people have been showcased in many films to date. The story of the film only kick starts during the interval point and till then the proceedings that are showcased are just below average. The way Kalyan Ram and his gang cheat Ajay looks a bit silly. More romance should have been added between Kajal and Kalyan Ram to make things better. ...Read full review
Take a lot of clichs, string them together and the result will be Nandamuri Kalyanram-starrer film MLA - Manasikki Nachina Abhayi. Other than Balayya, the film has Kajal Aggarwal and Ravi Krishan in the lead. Lets take the hero intro scene, for example. In the foreground is the prevalent problem in Veerabhadrapuram, Andhra Pradesh, where kids are losing limbs and in some cases lives due to working in glass factories. A journalist does a sting operation, but is caught by the antagonist played by Ravi Krishan. Just before the journo is killed, he says: You can kill me, not my ambition. Someone else will come to take my place. And lo, Kalyan enters. ...Read full review
This is a film which begins with high-ranking police officials standing up in attention and saluting Nandamuri Kalyan Ram just because he introduced himself as MLA, a short form for Manchi Lakshanalunna Abbai (A boy with good qualities). It lets the hero make what are supposed to be the most intelligent and powerful minds of the society look ridiculous for his self-promotion. The film also briefly turns into an ad film for a sport-bike. MLA hardly offers anything worthwhile to its audience. ...Read full review
MLA aka Manchi Lakshanalunna Abbai is a movie which starts off as a love story and which later transforms into social aspects like the importance of education. Director and writer Upendra Madhav has done fine job in handling this movie. He made a passable first half with entertaining elements and he shifted into main content in the second half and he wrote this part well which is engaging thoroughly but seems routine. Even though movie is routine and does not have any innovative elements, this movie doesnt bore you. Kalyan Ram Nandamuri looks handsome in his new hairstyle and trimmed look. After and entertaining second half movie seems rushed in the climax. Entire second half runs behind the motive of hero to become MLA but it becomes a motive to change people and to make them free of their problems created by the baddie. This movie will work well with the masses and may become a passable flick in multiplex zones. To sum up, MLA is a routine commercial entertainer which entertains well. ...Read full review
`MLA` is formula-driven. A simple-minded hero-villain fight, a pseudo-twist at the interval, and a screenplay that privileges a hurt comedian over serious-minded narration. That`s about it. ...Read full review
With Nandamuri hero Kalyanaram as hero and budding director Upendra the film ml ( Manchi Lakhshanalunna Abbayi) is a full length commercial entertainer with Kajal Agarwal as glamour provider ,in a first co mice of both after Lakshmi Kalyanam. As a off shoot film after box office hit Patas by Kalyanram ,there are high expectations by fans and industry as well. ...Read full review
I couldnt thank my immune system enough for helping me endure a brain bleeding movie, yet again. It is a concoction of all the erroneous elements of a commercial flick a stalking song, vulgar comedy, irrelevant songs at inappropriate moments, a too good to be true hero, a damsel in distress, a baddie, scams to be disclosed and some people revolting moments. MLA Manchi Lakshanalu vunna Abbayi is just another saridon-desperate movie. ...Read full review
Looking at the title of Kalyan Rams MLA, one might feel that it is a political entertainer, but until the latter part of the second half, you would never know why it is named so. Maybe that is why the film isnt honest to one particular genre. It is a bit of here and there and doesnt give you the necessary impact. The movie brims with the typical love action story template. The hero falls in love with a girl, keeps persuading her, gets to know her problems and eventually handles them as his own issues. ...Read full review
After tasting considerable success as a writer for commercial flicks such as Dookudu, Baadshah etc., Upendra Madhav has donned the director`s hat for the first time with Manchi Lakshanalunna Abbai (MLA). Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, who is on quest for a break after back-to-back failures at the box office, is looking forward to a considerable result with this one. ...Read full review