Pete's Dragon (3D)(4DX) (U/A)
The adventure Pete and his best friend Elliott, the dragon.

Pete's Dragon

18 Aug, 2016
1 hrs 43 mins
4,049 votes
5 1625
4 1435
3 680
2 164
1 127
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The adventure of an orphaned boy named Pete and his best friend Elliott, who just so happens to be a dragon.
Its unlikely that youll watch Petes Dragon. Theres no point denying it. There are always other, flashier, louder, more attractive films out there. But if youre reading this, I want you to take a leap of faith. I want you to trust a stranger. But above all else, I want you to do yourself a favour, make time, and seek out Petes Dragon. ...Read full review
Elliot finds little Pete stranded in the woods, after he survives a car crash that kills his parents. On encountering the mammoth green creature, Pete innocently asks him, "Are you gonna eat me?" Elliot doesn`t. He (literally) takes the boy under his wing. The two strike up an unlikely friendship and stay inseparable for six years, until forest rangers and loggers stumble upon their whereabouts. While the dragon can go invisible, Pete cannot. Do they manage to stay together in the deep forest, in the world of their own; they had so fondly created, away from the human menace? ...Read full review
This Disney remake shares a title with the 1977 family adventure, however the story departs from that of the original. In this incarnation, which has shades of the boy/monster bonds of ET and The Iron Giant, Pete (Oakes Fegley) was orphaned as a five-year-old in a car crash and rescued from hungry wolves by an amiable, fluffy green dragon. Pete names him Elliot, and they live together undisturbed for five years. Then the lumber industry starts to encroach on their world and the friends experience the best and the worst of the local community. Although the pathos is ladled on a little over-generously, the handsome photography, the first-rate performances Fegley has a lovely, unaffected freshness unusual in a child actor and an endearing overgrown puppy of a dragon make this a strong alternative to animation for family audiences. ...Read full review
A big problem with childrens films today is that often theyre too noisy and brash and edited so frenetically you feel like youre watching a video game. Its comforting then to chance upon a film like Petes Dragon, remake of a Disney hit from the 70s, and a decidedly old-fashioned family movie steeped in magic and whimsy. Evidently made with a lot of affection for both its characters and its audience, the film tells a genuinely heartfelt story about a boy and his guardian dragon. Its unmistakably evocative of ET: The Extra Terrestrial, and delivers all the awe and wonder of those early Spielberg gems. ...Read full review



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