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Ready Player One (3D)

Ready Player One

30 Mar, 2018
2 hrs 22 mins
12,993 votes
5 8710
4 3091
3 756
2 141
1 269
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James Halliday creates a virtual reality universe named OASIS and after he dies a video of him is released that promises his entire fortune to the person who can find a digital Easter egg, which is hidden somewhere in the OASIS. Young Wade Watts watches the video and joins the treasure hunt.
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Verdict: Steven Spielberg weaves his magic again. Even at the age of 71, Steven Spielberg hasn't lost his charm. Ready Player One would have been impossible to make by any another director. Its numerous references whose rights belong to different studios would have been hard to get and even harder to balance with an original story, but []... ...Read full review
If Steven Spielberg is the Willy Wonka of cinema, will he ever find his Charlie Bucket? As the 71-year-old filmmaker continues to wade through what has become an absurdly fruitful late period we last reviewed a new Spielberg project on these pages two months ago the sheer depth and scale of his influence becomes clearer with every passing blockbuster. ...Read full review
For an entire generation, Steven Spielberg is perhaps as mythical as his movies. The stories that weve heard about him are unanimously devotional, told years later, after enough time had passed for the negativity to evaporate. I wasnt born when Jaws or Close Encounters became phenomenons. And I wasnt there when, continuing an unprecedented streak of success, Spielberg directed Raiders of the Lost Ark and ET. But in the future, when many of the ideas that he once imagined have perhaps become a reality, I can say that I was there for Ready Player One. It doesnt for a moment come close to achieving the greatness of some of his best movies, but it would never have existed without them. ...Read full review
Its a film in which Spielbergs traditional reverence for the wonder and idealism of youth has had to compromise with wised-up survivalist toughness of the new YA mode. But what extraordinary visuals this films conjures up, with images that appear and disappear like quicksilver memes. ...Read full review
The visionary directors remarkable quality of offering out-and-out blockbuster spectacle without compromising on the storys relevance and human emotions continues to set him apart. Though the execution is futuristic, he moulds the 80s pop culture references in it, while simultaneously making a social commentary on our existing scenario, thus weaving the past, present and future together in the most distinctive fashion. Acting powerhouses like Mark Rylance and Simon Peggs enigmatic presence further warms your heart. ...Read full review
For those looking for Ready Player One to condemn the digi-verse as a destructive force against human connection, find another movie. The script is too shallow for that anyway, and don`t look to the filmmaker a child of divorce who found escape (and an eventual career) by getting happily lost in television, movies and early vid-games for a lecture. The head-spinning spectacle won`t quit even when the sensory overload gets too much; if he has a chance to show the Iron Giant battling Mechagodzilla, he`ll take it. At 71, this iconic director barely pays lip service to constructing a cautionary tale against anything that might help an alienated kid build an oasis of his or her own imagining. As ever, Spileberg is ready to play. Are you? Game on. ...Read full review
Steven Spielberg`s take of Ernest Cline`s pop-culture sci-fi novel `Ready Player One` is a bagful of geeky tricks with a treasure trove of pop-culture references in a derivative plot. There`s visual gratification in the various levels of estrangement from reality but the fun-run barely manages to sustain through the overly long 142 min runtime. ...Read full review