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Special 26
Asli Power Dil Mein Hoti Hai (Real Power Resides Within The Heart)

Special 26

08 Feb, 2013
2 hrs 24 mins
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The film stars Akshay Kumar and Kajal Aggarwal in the lead roles with Jimmy Shergill, Manoj Bajpai and Anupam Kher are in supporting roles. The film is based on the real-life daring heist dated 19-Mar-1987 where an unknown man posing as CBI officer Mon Singh recruited 26 men and executed a daylight raid on the Opera House branch of Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri in Mumbai, and disappeared with jewellery worth lakhs.
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With no records or FIRs - they escape after every heist with a clean (white) conscience and loads of black money. A (real) CBI inspector, Waseem (Manoj) along with sub-inspector Ranveer (Jimmy) get on a deadly chase to nab them while they`re faking it. Well, if you want to figure out con-asli, con-nakli, go ahead, wear Sherlock`s (Holmes) suit and crack this one.With an ingeniously layered role and a brilliant act, Anupam Kher truly `steals` the show. Akshay hits hard, with pure, unadulterated acting, minus action. Manoj is always in command, fiery and fantastic. Jimmy lends strong support; Kajal Aggarwal (Ajay`s love-interest) flashes smiles in interludes, and Divya Dutta throws in laughs.Inspired by a real incident, Neeraj Pandey cuts to the chor-police chase and weaves an intelligent, mind-racing thriller, keeping you tightly strapped to your seats. It captures the 80`s era beautifully; and the cinematography ( Bobby Singh) is a cut above (special mention: scenes in Connaught Place, Delhi, and Kolkata streets). The powerful background score enthuses the pace. The only place he loses momentum is the romantic track and dance number, kinda unwarranted, we must say. ...Read full review
Old is gold AND exciting. In his latest offering Special Chabbis - based on true heist incidents - director Neeraj Pandey highlights this likelihood with his tremendous mix of shrewd brainpower against obsolete technology.And so we travel 26 (ahem) years back in time (January 26, 1987) to witness some documented footage of former President Giani Zail Singh and the late Prime Minister of India [ Images ], Rajiv Gandhi [ Images ] at the parade before a hand turns the knob, not a remote control, to switch off a bulky black and white television set. The hand belongs to Ajay Singh (Akshay Kumar [ Images ]) whos readying his team of three others (Anupam Kher [ Images ], Kishore Kadam, Rajesh Sharma) to carry out a raid at a politicians house by flashing counterfeit documentation and Central Bureau of Investigation identities. These crisply dressed gentlemen are professional conmen, of course, and Republic Day is just another day at work. ...Read full review
In the film, Akshay Kumar is Ajay, the leader of this band of four conmen that includes Sharma, his right-hand man, played by Anupam Kher, and two nondescript cohorts, played by Rajesh Sharma and Kishore Kadam. The group targets rich businessmen and corrupt ministers, and their modus operandi is to pretend to be CBI officers on a raid. By intimidating their victims, they make off with black money hoarded away. Of course, the fear of a bad reputation ensures that these victims never file FIRs against the group. However, the law tends to catch up with the scamsters soon enough, when the real CBI is hot on their heels, led by upright and driven officer Wasim Khan, played by Manoj Bajpai. His plan is to nab Ajay and his gang right when they are executing their one last heist at that jewelry store in Mumbai. ...Read full review