Step Up Revolution (3D) (U/A)

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Step Up Revolution

English,Hindi (Dub)
03 Aug, 2012
1 hrs 39 mins
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STEP UP Revolution is the next sequel in the worldwide smash Step Up franchise, which sets dancing against the vibrant backdrop of Miami and flash mobs. Emily arrives in Miami with the aspirations of becoming a professional dancer and soon falls in love with Sean, a young man who leads a dance crew in elaborate, cutting-edge flash mobs, called ''The Mob''. When a wealthy business man threatens to develop The Mob's historic neighborhood and displace thousands-of people, Emily must band together with Sean and The Mob to turn their performance art into protest art, and risk losing their dreams to fight for the greater cause.
When it`s the Step Up series you`re talking about, you know what the deal is all about. It`s not about putting on the dancing shoes, but putting on the tights. And once done, nothing can stop our bunch of street dancers from turning into Miami`s most happening movers and shakers. They are ready to show their moves just about anywhere (in the middle of a bustling street; on the top of cars). They are ready to shake a leg or two to almost any music (in this case, it`s the honking of cars). They are ready to do it just about anytime (what better way to kill time in a traffic jam than go the dancing way). ...Read full review
The plots still threadbare and the dialogue still cheesy, but Step Up Revolution has some thrilling, well-choreographed dance numbersand lets face it, that`s the reason we still go to these movies.Fourth installment in the popular Step Up franchise, Revolution is set in gorgeous Miami Beach where local kid Sean (Ryan Guzman) and his band of young street dancers called The Mob stage elaborate flash-mob performances in public places across the city, hoping to win a big cash prize in a contest sponsored by YouTube. Emily (Kathryn McCormick) is a poor little rich girl badly trying for a spot in a prestigious dance troupe. When Sean and Emily meet, sparks fly. But there`s that tiny little issue of Emily`s father (Peter Gallagher), a real-estate baron who wants to tear down Sean`s working-class neighborhood to construct an upscale hotel complex in its place. ...Read full review
The idea of street dance as an art form really comes alive in Step Up Revolution. Fourth in the Step Up series, this one really stands out over the other 3 as far as dance is concerned. The Step Up series truly began with Step Up 2: The Streets, where the final dance made you want to sign up for hip-hop lessons.The screenplay by Amanda Brody is the same old formula, bringing absolutely nothing new to the table; it`s the choreography and the dancers that will blow your mind away. The framework is simple, bordering on cheesy, and the film`s success will be credited mostly, if not entirely, to Jamal Sims (the choreographer). ...Read full review
In Step Up Revolution, director Scott Speer uses dance as an allegory of the struggle to transcend the hopelessness of mankind`s existence. Ha ha! Just kidding. It`s really just a dance movie, interrupted sporadically for PG-13 romance, bad acting, ridiculous dialogue (`I`m your boss, not your homie`) and earnest `let`s put on a show to save our homes!` spirit. Contrary to its message, it will not change the world. But the dancing will make you sit up and take notice. ...Read full review



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