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18 Apr, 2014
28 votes
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The film is based on a classic Tarzan Of The Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The plot surrounds Tarzan and Jane Porterwho are to face an army which is sent by CEO of Greystoke Energies. This CEO is the one who took over the company as soon as Tarzan's parent;s died in a plane crash.
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Every Hollywood remake takes a risk. A risk of being compared to its predecessor. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn`t. This time, it has officially stunk. Tarzan has been remade and brought back to the screen. It really begs the question, why not just leave it. But never mind, you are now going to be ... ...Read full review
The telling of Tarzan`s (Lutz) tale in this version begins many, many years in the past when a meteorite crashes on Earth with cataclysmic results. Dinosaurs, leaping lizards and all the other prehistoric creepy crawlies wind up kaput. What remains, hidden for millennia, is the marauding chunk of rock in Africa.This attracts the interest of John Greystoke (Deklin), CEO of Greystoke Energies, who along with wife Alice (Newman) and a young Tarzan head out to go find it because the material it`s made of can solve the energy needs of the world and make Greystoke even richer. But their helicopter crashes in a storm and only Tarzan survives. ...Read full review
As a member of Generation Y (U NO HAVE WIFI!?!), I have had the pleasure of having lived through one of the most memorable phases in contemporary cinema the Disney Renaissance.Based on Edgar Rice Burroughss novel Tarzan of the Apes, Disneys 1999 animated feature Tarzan was the last of the greats.It remains so to this day and because stories like those of Tarzan (and Mulan and Ariel and Pocahontas) have formed such an integral part of our childhoods, I understand why German producer Reinhard Klooss wanted to direct a new version of it. However, I have a simple question for him - what was left to remake? While there are several ways that one can interpret a single story, Klooss seems to have lost the plot all together. In his attempt to make Tarzan (2013) a film relevant to todays times, Klooss has turned into one-part Avatar and one-part Mills and Boon. ...Read full review