The Crew

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The Crew

20 Jan, 2017
2 hrs 06 mins
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Alexey Gushin, a military pilot, after having refused to follow an absurd order from his superiors, is laid off from the air force. The sky is now off-limits to him. He returns to Moscow and moves in with his father, a retired prominent aircraft designer. The two have a difficult relationship: the father is annoyed that his son keeps acting like a fool and gets fired from every decent job, while Alexey struggles to explain that he always strives to do the right thing.

Using his connections, Alexey`s father arranges for Alexey to take a pilot aptitude test for a large airline company. He conceals the fact that the disqualified pilot he is asking for is his own son. The flight simulator test is supervised by Zinchenko, a seasoned pilot with a harsh temper. During the test maneuver Alexey disregards Zinchenko`s advice and flies the plane as he sees appropriate. As a a form of retaliation, he reprograms the simulator to make the test mission more complicated, thus failing Alexey.

In a moment of despair, Alexey crosses paths with Olga, a daring and feisty young lady (who is also a pilot), who seems to be on a mission to prove the world that women can do mens work. Meanwhile, Zinchenko`s colleagues manage to persuade him that he shouldn`t have made a good pilot fail the test. Alexey is hired as a trainee under Zinchenko`s direct supervision.

Alexey insists on re-taking the flight simulator test on his own accord and passes it. However, that doesnt improve his working relationship with Zinchenko, who sees Alexey as too frank and hot-blooded.

Zinchenko has a difficult relationship with his teenage son, considering him a slacker who has zero respect for the values that are sacred to his father: a sense of responsibility and duty, professionalism and courage.

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