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Tumhari Sulu

Tumhari Sulu

17 Nov, 2017
2 hrs 20 mins
64,668 votes
5 24066
4 20674
3 12641
2 3607
1 3646
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An enthusiastic and happy-go-lucky housewife Sulochana, who is fondly called Sulu, lands herself the exciting job of a radio jockey at one of the city's leading radio stations, which drastically changes her routine life.
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Verdict: You cannot afford to miss Vidya Balan's housewife avatar. Vidya Balan carrying a movie on her own shoulders in no surprise to us anymore. But a next-door housewife becoming a sultry radio jockey is! Playing the role of an enthusiastic homemaker who is up for every thrill, Vidya is going to take you on []... ...Read full review
At one point in this film, the heroine identifies herself as a winner. Sulochana states this matter of factly - main winner hoon - because she has won a pressure cooker in a radio competition and feels the need to state who she is, but her character`s hunger to rack up victories is strong. ...Read full review
Director Suresh Triveni proves that a simple story can be told with a big heart. Tumhari Sulu is perhaps one of the most entertaining films of 2017. With its refreshing narrative, Tumhari Sulu is simply relatable and endearing. ...Read full review
There`s a been a recent spate of Bollywood movies devoid of its typical glamorous sheen with a focus on the lives of middle-class suburban Indian households. Ad director turned filmmaker Suresh Triveni takes this into consideration in his big screen debut while writing the story around Vidya Balan as Sulochana or `Sulu`, a housewife whose achievements aren`t typically noteworthy, but that doesn`t stop her from dreaming big. ...Read full review
She`s a bubble, a balloon, a blabberer, Sridevi`s shadow, Sheikh Chilli`s long lost twin, a Cloud 9 resident, crazy contest addict and (on the outskirts of Mumbai) Virar`s spirited sari-wali bhabhi whose winning streak is as unswerving as the spring in her step and the smile on her lips. ...Read full review
Theres a scene in Tumhari Sulu where Vidya Balan wears a red cape and mimics being a super woman during a fun song sequence. Sulu makes a valid point in this goofy moment that every housewife who is juggling between her work and family is no less than a superhero. ...Read full review
She comes second in the lemon spoon race but when the other contenders are gone, she stands on the first position of the winners podium and asks his husband to click her photo yeh hai Hamari Sulu aka Sulochna (Vidya Balan) ...Read full review
In Tumhari Sulu, Sulochana couldnt pass 12th standard and couldnt even manage a bank job like her twin sisters Aaradhna and Kalpana, but Suresh Trivenis directorial debut passes with flying colors as Sulu soars higher. There`s much to love and little to complain about the film that runs like a slice of life narrative and balances the laughs and weeps well. ...Read full review
That killing oh Im just a housewife statement from a woman, hides, sometimes, a mountain of despair, and resentment, and uncomfortable questions: is that only what she is? A glorified maid plus the familys minder and keeper? ...Read full review
Dreams are the fuel of life and no one knows the importance of dreaming better than the middle-class. Put a typical Indian middle-class woman into the mix and you`ve added a complex layer of aspirations as well as ambition to the subject. Director Suresh Triveni`s Tumhari Sulu is a perfect mirror to middle-class families. ...Read full review
Delivering a knockout performance as a middle-class housewife whose life changes when she becomes the host of a late night radio show, Vidya Balan is the beating heart of Tumhari Sulu. ...Read full review
Directed by Suresh Triveni, this film about a woman who becomes a radio jockey never gets too risqu but Vidya Balan lifts the underdeveloped screenplay by just acting the hell out of it ...Read full review
Bollywood needs an actress like Vidya Balan. While actresses prefer to stay away from silver screen after marriage, Vidya Balan has been doggedly trying to sustain in an industry where fifty-plus heroes want to romance two-decade younger heroines. It also helps that she is a natural performer, but box office success has been eluding her for some time now. ...Read full review
Tumhari Sulu has plenty of shining moments. But for me, the scene involving RJ Sulu exchanging sweet nothings on her late night show with a lusty caller who can`t pick between his two lovers and another one which involves an elderly widower who misses his late wife stood out. ...Read full review
You know that warm feeling after you eat a blueberry cheesecake, even if it`s for the millionth time? You don`t care how many times you`ve eaten it, you still enjoy it and have that goofy smile on your face. ...Read full review
A middle-aged housewife named Sulochana Dubey lives happily ever after with her husband Ashok and son Pranav in a middle-class locality in Mumbai. She failed in Class 12 and ever since, like a butterfly flitting from bloom to bloom, she has flitted from interest to interest, forever coming up with ideas for hobbies and a career for herself. ...Read full review
Tumhari Sulu is a happy story that aims to weave feminism, pragmatism, realism and a lot more in one film and narrates it with a light touch as well. With Vidya Balan headlining the project, all of this may not sound too ambitious. ...Read full review